God Of War Characters, Louis Lu (3D)


Awesome stuff, congrats!!! :thumbsup:



Thank you guys again for the great comments!:slight_smile:

Neil, after asked our programmers, I think the reason is because loading speed, but it has difficulty for me to explaining it well…but basic is like…a small texture could be easier/faster scanned before projecting to geometry surface and it’s easier to storage to the faster memery section…but they also said it is not 100% right to every situation…so using 256x256 is kind of a balance point between speed and quality…plus, PS2 love small textures…umm… hope you understand it…:rolleyes:

AKDesigns, actually for cinematics models, 1024s were my working size, we used 512s in the game. Because I like how they looked with the 1024s on so I used them when rendered these images:) . But besides those cinematics models, the rest of the models are showing real in-game ploy counts, textures and texture sizes. Due to the way ps2 and our engine works, poly count was not a big issue to us, they love polys. For a skelly type of creature, 2k -2.5k polys was our target range, anything important than that goes higher poly count.:slight_smile:


Amazing and inspiring work the old man is my fav…
Keep it up:thumbsup:


excellent textures & models



HI . . . . modeling— perfect:buttrock:


good Characters . . .:thumbsup:


amazing work :bounce:


Excellent work!!
Want look watch mesh grid!!! Best regards :bounce:


excellent excellent work. i just find it hard to believe that this is how they look in game, and especially on a ps2!


wow nice work. would like to see more.


I love the way you handled those textures, they’re awesome! I checked your site too, great things you’ve got there!


5 star game models and a 5 star game (beat it months ago)!! I would recommend this game to ANYONE that loves great video games. :applause:


Nice work dude, good low poly models. Do you guys ever have time to stuff outside of project?


Congratulation 5 stars !!


Hey louis, i must say those model are some of the best ive seen on here. Two quick questions, how did you find the references for those characters? Also, when you modeled them did you go by a front and side model sheet, turnaround, or just a frontal pose?


LittleFenris, Rubens Chu, Thanks a lot for the stars!:slight_smile:

ashe, because our concpet artists were very buzy, not everything had a concept piece for it. For the Oldman, I had front/side for his head. The girl in green I only had one page of 45 degreen type of angel but showing her full design. Front view for the twins, turn around for the final boss…that’s it… the rest of the creature were came out by myself or based on other team member’s works…:slight_smile:


amazing work:thumbsup:


Hi there, here are some large pics I should post 9 months ago. Wishing you still like them:


Great job! How did you go about modeling those characters? Did you go high poly first? Down to low poly? Did you use zbrush to detail all of those characters? Also did you texture and rig them yourself?


Over the Xmas break I got the time to complete God of War, Top Game :thumbsup:
Super art work Dude :applause:


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