God Of War Characters, Louis Lu (3D)


Title: God Of War Characters
Name: Louis Lu
Country: USA
Software: 3ds max, Maya

It’s been about one year and half that I didn’t post anything to any forum. Since God of War has been released, I finally got something approved to post. These are part of the characters I created for God of War. All models were done within Maya but I used 3DS Max for rendering due to known it better…It’s a shame no wireframes or texture maps can be posted at this point but I put poly counts and texture size information for instead at the left bottom corner on each image so at least to share something to you guys.
Comments are welcome. Thanks!
for in-game cinematics:

Boss class characters:

Ceatures & misc:


I saw these in the game art section as well. Very inspiring work. I haven’t played god of war yet, but it looks great. I especially like your armored minotaur boss character. He looks like a fun character to animate. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:


excellent characters , *plugged


awesome work from an awesome game, more pls :slight_smile:

be cool if we could get some bigger renders…


Very sweet models louis:applause:

perhaps some wireframes when you’re authorised to?
And i also noticed that the polygon count for your undead/flayed minotaur (13454 polygons) is huge. I haven’t played the game, so i don’t have a clue - but why the difference in polygons?Because of the scale of the monster in the game? Opacity/alpha maps or other?
Oh, and with the lead female (the one in a green toga/towel) was the draped cloth off her bust and hip animated with something like bones or morphs?

Reguardless, still awesome work, i hope to see this consistant quality in your next game


Wow! Awesome characters!


Wow, excellent textures on these models, at first I wasn’t even sure if they were texture or modelled + texture, awesome. :thumbsup:(the detailing and occlusion I mean, heh nvm)

edit: in game cinematics please :slight_smile:


awsome modeling… textures… style… all… congrats…


These are excellent! Love the textures and models. Great use of polys. I especially like the old guy and the lady below him. Well deserved plug.



Great work and great use of textures. Thumbs up!:thumbsup:


great modeling !!!
5 stars :bounce:


These are excellent. These are a weird collection, but showcases of skill nonetheless.


This is some great work. I haven’t gotten around to playing the game, but man, those models. Those textures. :bounce: Some I like better than others (I think the old man stands out to me as one of the better ones), but they’re all really well done. Love the cow suit! What’s up with that? :smiley:

I’d love to see wires and flats if you possibly get permission later on down the line. :thumbsup:


Wow this is really good work. I am working at Bungie on “Halo 3” keep up the good work!

Dark Jedi


WOW!! those are awsome. I have not played God of War yet, but now I have to. Sweet work dude!


Wow man!!
Nice work!! :bounce:

The fisrt Boss is what I liked more!

But all the characteres are great!! Congratulations man!


That milk character is too funny :applause:

Amazing work and STUNNING textures! :thumbsup:


awesome work! and god of war is my all time favourite game too! good job !


Pretty nice work you got there…


dazzling :applause: !!

i’d love to see those wires, especially the head shots.