God in an Apocalypse, Andrew Blackman (2D)


Title: God in an Apocalypse
Name: Andrew Blackman
Country: Barbados
Software: Photoshop

What kind of God do you suppose the dead would create to ease the tormenting nihility of their existence?


Niece piece man! Very cool!
But now you’ve got me thinking…What kind of god would the dead worship? If I had to guess, I would say a redeemer kind of god instead of the savior kind the living normally pray to…Salvation for the living and redemption for the dead! And to me that god in the picture does look like a redeemer of some sort.
Great concept I must say!



Its like they didn’t get the salvation they expected upon death, so they create another illusion to escape from the truth: That apparently their existence is without meaning. Of course this is all open to endless interpretation and debate, which i seek to inspire with my paintings

Thanks alot for stopping by. :slight_smile:


It was my pleasure man!


:slight_smile: as I have said!! this is very awesome! love the character in the middle a lot, great composition and your style is so great! Cheers!


Thanks alot Vic. Your comments are always very welcome :slight_smile:


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