Goblin texturing


Thanx for all the good feedback guys. I’m gonna hit him hard over the weekend (I don’t get too much time on the weekdays… so It’s hard to post new updates). and will post the results on monday.

Yeah… I’ll probably have to do that, although I haven’t even thought of a design for the rest of him yet :). Kind of a “on-the-fly” design I guess.

You hit the nail on the head… this is one of the million and one problems I’m gonna try and get fixed by Monday. Thanx.

I’m posting a couple picks of how the eyes were done below… btw I already tried the red eye thing. It just wasn’t across right. Thanx.

Victor Martins,
Oh yes… All that nasty stuff is yet to come :).

Thanx again guys.
Here is how the eyes were created…


and here is the second pic…


Do you post photoshop your images or are they raw renders from Maya?

Nice work, Love the hair.


must admit tho, a very nice work. How long did it take you to model and texture so far?
One of these days Im gon sit down and ummm, model a killer face aswel, blah blah blah…:applause:
great work


The image is a straight up render in maya no tweaking… the only thing I used photoshop for was the glow around him.

I did the model a little while back and I’m just getting around to texturing him now. So far I’ve spent about a solid day on modeling and about a day and a half on texturing… getting to this point is the easy part… it’s all the endless tweaks and fixes that seems to take forever :).



Nice work, really.

I prefer him with his hair, that’s my opinion though. :slight_smile:

I don’ know why but he looks a bit young to have that kind of gray hair, maybe the skin or his eyes make me feel about it…
I dont know, I’m tired so I must probably be mistaken.

Keep on.


Dragon I wanted to complement you on WICKED TEXTURING. oh yah the models good too. this is going to be great when hes moving, he is going to move right?!!!



Wow great work, like usual. I like a lot the look of your characters. I’ve also learn a lot from your tutorial. :slight_smile:


Thanx everybody,
I did some work on him this morning… things like tightening the upper lip, adding age spots and moles and stuble, but the changes are so subtle that I won’t post yet… I’ll wait till the weekend is over, by then you should see a drastic change, and if everything goes as planned I should have some animation tests by the following weekend :).


Hey Dave!!!
Woo, almost missed your thread entirely… Kickass job once again on the character modeling bit… Are you thinking about adding any facial hair to him? A lil goat all knotted and such? Just an idea… there plans for a body or is it just a head model?

Keep us updated

-Steve Vyas


Hey Steve,
Thanx. I ‘m not sure if I’ll ever get to a body for this guy… we’ll see though. Right now I’m finishing up the textures then I’m gonna’ do some facial stuff.
Here’s a little update on him. I still have to finish off the ear and the inside of the mouth but he’s coming along…


and here’s another one…


He Looks sooooooooooo FINE!!!
I love the character. He has something in his face, something that gives him " I am alive " look. That is what CG characters must be about. :thumbsup:


Funtastic :bounce: Funtastic:airguitar Funtastic:buttrock: and again:beer: and again:buttrock:


Wow hell yeah nice. I quite agree with Ant4d that he has a certain sparkle in his eyes…or…whatever it is, that makes him “there”.

I think the transition to his lips are too blurry, it seems to me it’s usually better defined…

Much less important is that I think the whole head has a sort of blurryness to it…it’s nothing bad per sé, but some smaller details could be quite useful to attain a more…sort of…photorealistic thing. I think.

…oh and he’s kinda…saturated, colorwise, as it is. Redish. It’s not really a crit though, I just notice it…I’m thinking it’s more of a stylechoice.

Great work though, very nice.


man, great job! the blending is a lot better now, and hair is very nice. I agree with the others on the lips, and i stand my ground on the ears…

Eyes are too shiney? Dont know, too damn defined compared to the age he depicts…


Hay Dragon, Im amaized…what kind of technique(spelling?) you are using for the hair? they look so good!!!
it seems to be texture mapping. cuz not fur nor paint effects can produce that kind of fine result. not sure tho
Lemme know.
And oo yeah, can you post some wires…the ultimate!


Thanx everyone :).
Thanx, I hope it all comes through when he gets animated.
You probably could have used a couple more icons if you really tried :).
I probably gonna darken the lip a hair to help w/ the seperation, and I agree w/ you about the saturation… for some reason my it doesn’t look so red on my home computer… hmmm… I’m gonna take a look at this, thanx.
I’m gonna finish the textures on the ears and I was debating whether or not to put some earings on… hmmm… hopefully this should take care of the smooth look. Thanx.
Thanx. The hair is basically just a bunch of nurbs planes w/ a procedural texture (consisting mainly of ramps) applied. The brows are fur though. Here is an old render I did a while back of the wireframe… you can barely tell it’s the same guy :).


wow Im amaized even more. Could you post like a small tutorial on how to make procedural ramps for the hair like that>??
Thanks:bounce: :applause:


oh, yeah a crit i forgot to mention
the antialising on the hair is kinda bad, prolly due to the way you made the hair…?