Goblin texturing



It’s looking great Dragon!! I agree with Leigh, he does look like he’s watching you!!. By the way Leigh, thanx for your EXCELLENT tutorials on texturing!!



Super sweet!!! like ninjas!


:buttrock: :eek: :buttrock: :buttrock: :eek:




really good model and textures!
the expressions need more work though imo. maybe exaggerate them more, and try to change the eyes a bit to fit the expression(s) more.
keep it up! :thumbsup:


wicked texturing…good model…overall great…keep it up


Jesus, it’s so good it hurts :smiley:

Congratulations, you are amazing. Thank you for sharing your knolege with us mortals. :wavey:


Thanx everyone.
I think I’m finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m almost done creating the blend shapes. I still have a few shader tweaks (teeth and the red of the eyes mainly), and have yet to throw a tounge in him… but I might actually be done by the end of the weekend :). If everything goes as planned my next post will be to the gallery for finished work.
Thanx again,


I can almost smell that horrible breath com’n out of his mouth…
(hmmm maybe it’s my armpits…)


Love your style!
Great work.


Really like the way the eye area looks, Nice painted texture all together man.


nice modeling and texturing …really like the expression do you use wire deformer for blendshape or just tweak the face with lattice and vertex…and the hair is looking good but l want to know how you move your hair if you have a special technic…


Hry everyone I posted a link to an animated version of him in the gallery section click here . Check it out :slight_smile:

If only they would make a media type with “smell-o-rama” :slight_smile:

Thanx… they are the most important part of any character, I think.

S E D A H ,
No wore deformers… mainly blend shapes, but joints were used for the eye blinks and jaw rotation to give them radial instead of linear movement.
I didn’t do much w/ the hair movement… meaning no soft bodies or things of that nature… what I did was latticed the strands I wanted to move then created a skeleton and bound the lattice to those joints. Then I put a locator at the bottom of the neck and aim constrained all those joints to it. This way I can manually key the locator to control the hair movement.


Super :thumbsup: if you want to sell it visit my site (we’ll start soon…)


heck its worth just seeing it all again.


hobbitguy!!!..i’m a huge fan…u basically taught me how to model with that tut you did…but i swear this cant be a recent WIP i’ve seen all of these textures a long timeago in a head animation you did with this character…its still awesome tho U THA MAN


hehe… that’s funny… I was looking through the wips and I saw a thread on goblin texturing so… being the fantasy fan that I am… I checked it out… It’s my own!
Boy this is an old one…your right snakeman… but thanx for thinking it’s worthy to be bumped up Julez4001.

On a side note… I do get a lot of people asking me how to do the hair on this guy, and I wrote a little mini-tutorial of how to do it on page 4 of this thread. If it’s your first time looking at this you might want to check it out.

Take care,


he looks so great, man you are one of my favorte 3d modelers, I love your style.

can’t wait to see another tutorial! your troll was awesome!

Love the goblin to man


I’m Lookingfor a better way to model my hair.
I modeling a wizard and am not going the way of hair plugin.
You got any tips for this…


Thanx Kingmob. I’ve been really busy lately w/ side projects, but I promise more when I get some breathing room.

To model hair in Maya (I’m not sure if there’s something similar in Lightwave though) I draw a bunch of curves in 3d space and manipulate them into position, then create a “C” shaped curve loft it using those curves as a path. If it need to adjust it later I can either edit the original curve for single patches or put a lattice on it for moving the hair as a whole. Then apply a shader like on page 4 of this thread.

Take care,


Hey guys … check this out!!!


Man… really… i know its the other way but… look at this:


woohhoooaaa !!! this goblin is amazing work …great :eek: