Goblin texturing


Hey guys,
I finished my beast texturing over the weekend (check out the final render over here… http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=10052&pagenumber=1 you have to scroll to the bottom of the page to see the final) and moved on to my next project. I just started texturing him yesterday and he still has a long way to go… but… let me know what you think of him so far.


nice bit dave!! Like it!! The model needs to be defined just a bit more though (the ears look too smooth and simple), but I like the character.


Very nice, I like your style…


Hi Dave,

Your work is awesome! It has unique style.

I’ll be glad if you show us the entire mapping process (mainly the texture creation process)

regards from Brazil,



Thanks guys,
I’ll post more as I get it done… I’m working on some hair now.


Very cool design! He’s creepy. Looks like a shifty character. Your modeling and textures are awesome.


I worked on some hair last night… it was really hard to come up w/ a style for this guy… I think I’m gonna end up giving him a pony tail too. Let me know what you think.


Very nice but addition of some poors or whatever so it looks like the hair is actualy attached to the head, that would complete the awsome work


Thanx RDK,
Oh yeah, without a doubt. I still have to finish the rest of the hair then I’m gonna work on blending it in w/ the texture map a little better. Thanx.


yay he said my name ;D
heh without ur tutorial I wouldn’t be able to make heads like i can now (still learning tho) my new wip demon thread is in WIP forum and my low poly head is in game dev forum here in cgtalk.


This is strange: when he´s bald it seems to me like an evil goblin, but with hair it looks like a bad tempered gnome.
This is obvious my own opinion (with all the solid and well-based knowledge of mystic and magic races of years living in a non magic world, of course :wink: )

Both faces are great, nice ears!


Dude I dig your style, cool character. I’m assuming a bump map cometh?


Thanx Guys,
Still have to do the bump map along with a million and one other little fixes… but the bump map does cometh :).
Yeah… it’s funny how a little hair will completely change a character… wait till put the eyebrows on… he’ll probably look completely different.
I’ll post again when I get more done.
Thanx again.


i think he’s too clean for a goblin…

unless he likes to wash??


I think this guy is just great. !!! Hair fits him so perfectly.



oh yeah!! This is a very big change!! One little touch, and BANG!! I like the now and before look, both very nice. The hair needs a better blending with the head though. Keep it up!!


Thanx for the replies. I’m not sure if I’m gonna dirty him up or not… I kinda like the pail/never seen the sun look… I do plan on throwing some age spots and fixing up the hairline… but… it’s a wip… so we’ll see where it ends up.


I’d say, if you could sketch him full view with cloth and all, then it be easier to deside the styles.
Great work btw


this is just personal taste, but it looks like you made the junction between the upper lip and the skin just a bit too diffused in your color map or maybe its the compression that is parasiting it and giving it a leaky feel.

Excellent modeling and texturing :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
can’t wait to see more :bounce:


That is a very good texture work, with a bump map and a litle gloss it will become pretty realistic, but i guess i would put a darker skin tone, and a few facial hair, maybe some nose hair?
Hehe good work Mr Hobbit :slight_smile: