Goblin, Michael Dashow (2D)


Title: Goblin
Name: Michael Dashow
Country: USA
Software: Photoshop

This was a quick piece of concept art for an upcoming fantasy RPG game. We had a really short concept phase, but here are some of the other designs I came up with:




Raven Rock:

Granite Ridge:


Good job,
I like the way you kept your cartoony style in the concept art; even in the environmental I can feel this perfume of rounded & soft shapes and glowy colors.
I like the hair on the ogre ; very “dancing” lines.
As well as the floating eyes for the dragon lord ( Sidekick to Lotr ? :slight_smile: )
You look to use a more fast method than your traditionnal “all layer pass” method on those sketches ; maybe you worked more flat (without layer, I mean ) , or just sketchy.
Anyway, believe me or not , but I far prefer this kind of rendering than the detailed and polished one you are able to do ( but very time consuming , too ).

In this sketch touch , I can more guess how big talentuous you are !
Good job :buttrock:


Thanks, David! Yep, no complicated layers for these. For most of them, I just started painting right from scratch, although I did have line art for all of them (in various states of completion: The ogre’s line art was really tight, while the goblin’s was very loose and sketchy.) Anyhow, glad you like them! :smiley:


beautiful concepts flowing lines and really nice colors I like it all, good job!


Great work man, like the others mentioned its nice how well the environments and characters match in style, if they were drawn in the same scene they’d really fit.

And I don’t know why this stands out to me exactly, but I really like the Ogre’s big fat neck.


Great character concepts and enviros, be it quick or finished, your works are like over the top…Love it, all of them…:thumbsup:


I like all concepts, Ogre is the best :buttrock:


Late to the party, I just saw these…

Awesome characters! Love the designing and details.


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