Goblin Library, Marthin Agusta Simny (3D)


Awesome work!!
the mood is actualy pretty much stuning
and the environment is amazing!


hey marthin!

really like this one. nice character work and good render.
congrats on the front page.



very nice!! amazing as always! keep up the good work, mantep Tin yang ini beda style, congrats :slight_smile:


This guys great. Full of character. I can almost imagine what he talks like and how he acts, just from this image.

Good stuff.


Very very wonderful character man… really nicely done



award please :slight_smile:

excellently done :applause:


straycat : thanks !

webhead : thank you for the comments and suggestions, ill keep that in mind :slight_smile:

Vlada3d : thank you!

keraj37 : thanks mate…yea actually my initial purpose was to make this feel old and abit desaturated so it will look natural, but thanks for the input :slight_smile: now its showing again i think…

Philip-Vampire : lol, okay lip, g traktir instant noodle buat lu huehehe…

tenerh : thanks! good to know you like it

Rosver : thanks for the comments and your input, ill keep that in mind :slight_smile:

TyroneMaddams : thanks man, i see what you mean, ive tried putting some smoke but i dont want to make the face covered, so i took it out :slight_smile:

Dodgeas3d : thanks, nice observation there, the character and background were actually rendered separately, so i suppose i will try better to match both next time :wink:

far : thank you :slight_smile:

Maview : thanks alot mate!

simyevil2010 : thanks man!

Creieru,TurNEo : thanks! ive put alot of time setting up the light, so im happy to know that you like it

leigh : again , thanks alot for considering this image :slight_smile:

as07 : yo andre, pakabar bro… thanks yah :smiley: iya emang mau beda style sih kali ini :slight_smile:

MotleyPete, phoenix, tahaalkan : thanks alot guys! really appreciate your comments :slight_smile:


Yea, the owl looks stuffed to me, which didnt seem out of place to me in this particular setting.
My one major issue has to be the book pages. Even in the non zoomed size, the book pages look like they’re 2 levels too low in their detail. You can see the mounds that are supposed to be page breaks…looks like drawings in the sand as opposed to what they should be, crisp and small seperations.


Very beautiful! :slight_smile:


Nice work! Love the skin shading and the fur. I agree with the other posters though, the hand and book pages could do with a little more work. I’d love to see an animation of the little critter.


I’m very happy to see this little fella on the top row … well deserved …


Great work and atmosphere,
Only thing I can say, there is something bugs me about the books in front of the character.


Awesome work, love it! Textures and lighting are just great!


Very nice work. Looks great.


Amazing detail!!! Excellent work! I like the look on the goblin’s face!


supercool… great image and superb atmosphere


Hey dude, this is awesome new image! Great modeling and shading and very realistic lighting. Well done, nothing to crits here :thumbsup: congratulation to front page :beer:


Sorry but I would have done so


Very nice work, I really like it. :thumbsup:


Cool!! that’s great! I love the character and the background also!