Goblin Library, Marthin Agusta Simny (3D)


Great ! Your work is very amazing !

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Very Nice, I have to agree with detached. If I saw image without anything I would have assumed the how was stuffed. Maybe a not so stiff pose would help.


my only wish for this would be that the hand was actually holding the book… pressing it against his side with his whole hand. Maybe we could see more pressure being put on the book and its pages. It almost looks like the book is floating there… I suppose one could argue that the elbow is actually pressing the book against his hip but I find that a stretch and believe that his hand would be much better off holding the book by pressing against it gently.


HAHA, i like the bird eyes, very sharp !!! Like a king look the other person !!! WOW


love the character (librarian) personality and amazing textures and lighting.

good use of DOF :smiley:

greeat work.


I like the goblin and the room. It looks really great, nice atmosphere. The owl seems too stiff, if that makes sense, like it is a stuffed owl instead of “living”. Nice job all around though.


Gorgeous atmosphere. I also love Monge and I think you did a great job on this!


The atmosphere is spot on! I love the attention to detail in this piece. You can feel the grumpiness rolling off him! And I adore the owl, amazing detailing there as well! Overall fantastic! :thumbsup:


Awesome job :applause:


good work…owl is looking good and giving right expression… :thumbsup:


excellent mood and rendering


Wwow very impressive, projected nicely…


Amazing piece of work man!! n great concept…congrats Marthin :beer:


so beautiful and realistic :slight_smile:
i like the models , textures , lights and renderings everything is so perfect.


I just wanted to say it’s beautiful work, and the atmosphere is very nice… the only couple of things I want to point out that are a bit distracting are…

  • the faceting on the chandelier…

  • I also agree with those who are saying the owl looks stiff and floaty…

It’s really awesome work though, thanks for sharing it…


Looks awesome with a great atmosphere! Everything fits perfectly, and the owl’s a nice touch.


Good Job. I especially like the owl.


How to possibly hire you? It seems I can’t write you in here.


This too cattle, good feeling for the little old man, swimming in the books.


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