Goblin Library, Marthin Agusta Simny (3D)


Title: Goblin Library
Name: Marthin Agusta Simny
Country: Singapore
Software: 3ds max, Deep Paint, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

Hi guys, this is my latest personal work.
I want to create a grumpy old goblin in an old library.
Inspirations come from world of Harry Potter and also the works of Jean Baptiste Monge.

Here’s a close up look of the character :

As usual, any input are very welcome.Thanks for viewing!


Fabulous atmosphere and character. I do feel you have a few minor issues with shadowing here and there, basically just a lack of contrast in places - the hand holding the pipe is a particular trouble spot here. I also think the depth of field in the foreground looks weird, surely there shouldn’t be any DOF on those books at the front?

Aside from these, it’s a really nice image. Time to get some fresh stuff on the frontpage for the new week.


Great work! Goblin character is amazing :thumbsup: Also I love atmosphere very much.


WOW!Amazing job!Impressive render:applause:


Very nice. Only crit would be on the Owl. Im assuming its alive since its perched on the chair. A stronger less symetrical pose would help breath a little life into it.


Amazing! So full of character :applause:


leigh : wow many thanks for you for putting me up there! :smiley:
nice observation also, yeah i generate the blur from zdepth, probably i should have toned them down a little bit. I’ll keep in mind of these stuff… thanks again and have a nice day :slight_smile:

rawwad : thank you :slight_smile: happy to know u like it

digitalinkmind : hey, good to see u here man :slight_smile: thanks for the comments!

detached : thanks :slight_smile: yeah the owl is abit forgotten to be honest…will keep this in mind for my next work


The owl stood out to me too. Overall, I like him, but he looks a bit floaty, as if he is barely perched on the chair. Maybe his claws should be more firmly attached, or dug into the chair. Still, a really nice piece of work here. :arteest:


Just great, atmosphere is great. Cheers


Great stuff, nothing to crit here. I like higher contrast in images than this has, but it is only me:)

I saw it on Front Page, but it is not now there? Something hapened?




Love the characters…

kakak, makan2nya jadeeee ahahaha…


wow. this is really awesome. great work from you again. ^^


Wow wonderful image. Great mood and atmosphere. I agree with others about the owl though. Its talons is not griping the chair (and probably cause a big gash). It would be more appropriate if it is on a perch.


Good work!

Is his pipe for smoking or a display pipe just holding in hand and emoting with?

  • Ty


Really great work. the character and owl is top notch! Just that lamp with fairydust stands out a little. The light coming from left on face , seems the shelves should block it :wink:

Great atmosphere!


the environment setting looks pretty nice and the lighting is good as well


great&lovely work!
Well done, 5*



no comment bec hes wonderful job i like it 2much the textures & modeling

5 star from & i vote 4 u



nice mood and great work.
5 stars


Yeah there was some technical issue last night but it’s been fixed now, and it’s back on the front page.