Goblin From Harry Potter UE 4 project, Baolong Zhang (3d)


Title: Goblin From Harry Potter UE 4 project

Name: Baolong Zhang

Hi Guys, been Harry Potter fan for a life time, is my first character inspired by it. Its not a 100% copy of the original, just for a little more interesting .
again its Realtime character, render in UE4, hope u like.
Video here


This is great! Keep up the good work!


I’ve never seen a realtime character with this much quality.
Upon close inspection I could only spot a polyon around the ear rim of his glasses!!
that’s amazing!
This guy looks higher poly than movie VFX models.
Care to share some specs?
like poly count, textures,
what kind of framerates you get on what hardware?
very curious.


Awesome Work !