Goblin frightened walk backwards



i try to let the goblin walk back and that he looks like he is frightened of something thats in front of him. i need you critics to improve this.


there are many problems i think. i dont know how to set the feet and the arm swings arent woking too. but i think i can fix the arms. beside these, the face doesnt look frightened but sad. thats not what i want. unfortunateley, i dont know where to get good references. should i animate the face (brows and mouth) too?



Well I think you’ll be able to pull it off by the looks of what you have so far. I would recommend taking some reference video of yourself doing that. Try to explore different degrees of being scared and walking backwards. Did something just just happen that startles you and then you walk backwards? Are you already scared of something/someone that makes you move back without really thinking about it? Try to stand there and think of something that would really make you scared, then think of something else and see if you come up with different actions.

I’d involve the hands for sure though, have some change in expression.

Good luck! Post when you have more




I added camera movement and made some lights for better effects. but its jsut placeholder. also took a higher res of the model.

it still needs work, especially the head/face/eyes and the left foot i think.

any comments?


has the animation changed at all? seems to still be pretty stiff. I’d work more on that and repost without the lighting/rendering. Just a playblast is good so we can just see the animation (hence this being an animation thread).

keep it up! :smiley:


It is definitely stiff. The camera move helped slightly. but the animation needs work. I agree with Phredrek Record yourself doing what you want him to do. Then study it. Needs to be more exaggerated.
Also I might look at the 12 Principles of animation, and check to see how your doing with each. As I mentioned your exaggeration is non existent. Need more movement, and more expression in the face.

-Good Luck


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