Goblin, Dragon (3D), (3D)


Not that I’m allowed an opinion around here since y’all laugh at my pathetic tinkerings… but…

My ONLY crits on this thing is one (apart from a rendering-technical one which has to do with how bumpmaps work and stuff I dont have the strength to elaborate and is a crit not specific to this anim but generic up to and including SWEp2) is that the guy is kinda overacting :slight_smile:

I am still waiting for that subtle marlon brando facial expression anim… you now where the guy goes from bewildered to confused to happy to sad to … with only miniscule changes of the corners of the eyes and 1mm of eyebrow movement.

But other than that, BRILLIANT stuff. Really.



This deserves more views :wink:



Congratulations !! It´s a wonderfull model and animation.
One question.
How do you make the hair ? with poligons ? or with the maya fur ?

Bye !! And have a good luck with 3D !!!


I love it, I love it, I love it :buttrock:

then i downloaded the mpeg… ouch ! got to get myself back up on my chair :surprised :xtreme: :bowdown:


Brilliant Dave, not only are you an excellent artist you’re also a great teacher, thanks for sharing your knowledge. :beer:


Thanx everyone. I thought this thread got burried a while ago…

I used Deep Paint 3d and Photoshop to texture him. I don’t kmow about the spectacles… but good call on the Yoda thing. I’ll have to watch it again :). Thanx.

The blend shapes were created mainly w/ clusters. Clusters are great because you can create a soft selection (such as a cheek) and manipulate it any way you wish. Also, I’ll over pump my blends, and also do negative blends to vary the shapes a bit and also get extreme poses.
I’m not aware of a script to do what your asking for w/ the COG. I think that would more a matter of how you initially set up your rig. Sorry, I wish I had a better answer for you.

Master Zap,
Yeah, he’s overacting a bit :), but that’s exactly what was intended. I’m more a modeler than I am an animator and this test was mainly to show extremes in facial expressions. Thanx.

Pere Balsach,
The hair was done using textured nurbs patches. I wrote a little mini tutorial here if you want to check it out.

And… thanx again everybody :slight_smile:


nice. I Dig the animation.


coool!!! like teh expression a lot!

:xtreme: :bowdown: :bowdown: :xtreme:


crikey! your work is really impressive. its amazing how your talent is well rounded(modeling animating texturing). do you find it more important for someone to be well balanced in their learning of 3d or to concentrate on one aspect and be really good at it(not ignoring the other aspects but not concentrating on them as much as on a certain one). :slight_smile:


My first post here…
man that looks very cool!
awsome work :slight_smile:



That’s friggin crazy man! Some of the most talented character animation I’ve seen in a loooong time, keep it up man!


I really love your work Dave, great meshes, you’re a source of inspiration! :love:


He looks a little like Mr. Smith from Matrix :slight_smile:

Many thumbs up!!!


yeah, I’ve been seeing him for awhile. Very cool.

Good job.



The mocie file is ace
keep it up:D


Texture is too smooth… need more sharp/details

That is totaly awesome work…


I believe the smoothness is more the render than anything else.



Great facial, excelent work


What a scary face!
Really high facial work.


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