Goblin, Dragon (3D), (3D)


Title: Goblin, Dragon (3D)
Software: Maya

Modeling example used to help teach a class in Atlanta. Model took approx 4 hrs. Textures done in 3dPaint and Photoshop.


I like 'm a lot ! :thumbsup:

Great modelling and texturing, but I think you already know it…
And that movie… wooooooo

Keep it up…


looking very cool man .

:thumbsup: :bounce: :thumbsup:



Call Spielberg or ILM, maybe Dreamworks but get this buddy to the cinema please…

Perfect facial animation.

Which Program.
Could you show a wireframe image?

Cant wait to see mor of buddy :thumbsup:


i like those really subtle hair movements, is that endomorphs?
nice work overall. :slight_smile:


man that mpg rocks, excellent expressions:thumbsup:


That is simply excellent. The facial test video is superb, very nice keyframing and animation :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Wow I really like!

But I think the Textures are a lil bit blurry.
If you would fix that it would be perfect!:buttrock:


nothing to say but…woooooowww:eek: :eek:
that’s definetely the best work i’ve seen here yet!! congrats!!:thumbsup:


You did it once again Dragon, brilliant work :thumbsup:

May I ask what apps you use?


I’ve been watching this guy unfold. I love the hair (well all of him actually…). Just stopped by to give Bert 5 stars (you can have a star too Dave *).


:buttrock: :beer: :buttrock: Great experesions


absolutely fantastic…:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
love the eyes especially…you got mad skills…and I love the slight secondary motion on the hair…the only thing I might add is some slight secondary motion to the ears…and maybe some movement in the toungue!! but that’s just minor tweeks…:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


:bowdown: :xtreme: :bowdown:
you are my new “cg god”
i am now your truly worshipper


Congratulations Dragon!!
What a character!!! Bert looks awesome!!
Is there more to come?? Maybe a body??


:bowdown: :bowdown: :xtreme: :bowdown: :bowdown:


AHHHHHHHHHH that was awesome!


:buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock:



There´s just nothing in the scene that beats this!

You´re exceptional! :bowdown:

Approximately 500 stars!


Thanx everyone! wow, that’s some seriously positive feedback… I’m not planning on doing a body on this guy… he was made more to practice texturing and facial shapes… however I like the idea of some secondary motion on the ears… I think I’ll apply something to my rig ang re-render.
Thanx again,


Keep up the killer work!!

:applause: :buttrock: