goblin character


It took me 3 days to model and about 3 days to do these textures.
I only used Maya and Photoshop. Low poly version is around 10K triangles, smoothed version is 42.5K triangles.


Your goblin character looks great. Your texturing also looks nice. Any tips or suggestions on how to texture, I’m currently working on a model myself and I’m not too sure on how to texture.



Thanks for replying. I hand painted a 2048 square color, specular, and bump map. here’s the color map:

I’ve still have to do a toung and teeth, then I’ll be working on rigging as part of a tutorial/walkthrough for my website. Honestly, I think texturing is my worst skill. I’m a programmer/character rigger by trade.


This is looking good!

I think in general the forms could have smoother transisions into each other (where the bicept meets the forarm as well as making the ribcage a little less pronounced). Other then that its looking great. I especially like the textures you painted for him.


the rigging is pretty much done. I’m working on some animations and maybe a loincloth. Any suggestions on an animation? I’m trying to avoid doing my usual “borrow” audio from a film to lip sync to, but one of the LOTR Golum scenes is definitely a possibility. Too cliche?

Also, I’m working on this as part of a rigging demo reel, so any suggestions regarding what a employer looks for in a rigging reel would be helpful. I’m thinking of doing a mount for this guy, so I’ll have the quadruped base covered.

By the way, I’ll do some adjustments with the cuts of the chest. I’ve just been preoccupied with building the rig. I agree, they are a bit much at the bottom of the ribcage.


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