Goblin banker


Hey Everybody,

I have been a silent forum member for quite a while now but I thought it is about time I started posting. So here we go…
For quite a while now I have an image in my head that I want to create in 3D. I started with the main character witch will be a Goblin banker. I blocked in the first form and here it is:

I will upload some clay renders and different views later on.
Would love to hear what you think and maybe have some C&C for me.
I have used only Zbrush so far.

Also recorded the first part of the sculpting process. But totally forgot to put it back on so part 2 is lost :frowning:




Hey…i think the modelling looks good so far…looking forward for the next update;)


Blocked out the main idea I have for the Goblin scene. I am posting a new update on the Goblin later on.


Didnt have much time today to work on my Goblin but here is a little update


Looks great! Is this inspired by the ones in harry potter?


Thank you and at first didn’t noticed the resemblance but indeed the goblins from HP kept a place in my head and the comp I was thinking on resemblance a shot from the movie a bit with he headmaster Goblin.


Think I got a bit carried away with the modelling of the vault for the background image. But was fun to make


You can never have too much detail. Nice Job.


Thanks Phil,

Working on some props for the Goblin scene. What do you think to cliché or…


Looking back at your blocked out layout I don’t think the quill pen and a skull work with the elaborate safe that you modeled. I would use a fountain pen and a brass lamp or get rid of the safe – it all depends on the era you want this set in.


That is very good point you got there! Thanks


Nice work so far.


I did a quick redesign of the Goblin. Made him more goblin like :slight_smile:


I kinda liked the first one, but the second version works too! Older, more experienced banker will look better, I think. Keep adding details on the environment and this will turn out a very good piece.


Looking great man, really seams to be going in a nice direction. Cant wait to see more. Btw, what z material is that, looks nice.


Thanks :d

@Sk3D it is called: LBrownClay… I think it is standard in Zbrush.

Finally had some more time to work on the little fellow started with the clothes.


A little update on the Goblin. Sorting out some proportions and clothes for him C&C always welcome!


I like where this is going!


Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Finally had some time to work on the Goblin again:


I know goblins don’t have human proportions but I can’t help feeling his head is nevertheless just a bit too big. I think a good general rule of thumb is to have the face just a bit bigger than the character’s outstretched hand.

Hoggle from Labyrinth has nice proportions. Maybe use him as a guide.