Goat Animation



I’ve just done an animation test with a goat character I’ve created, trying to test the rigs limitations, would love any feedback at all,

I’m still working on it, there are some kinks that I’d like to smooth out, and I think I can clear up the poses a bit more, I’m hoping his expressions are clear enough and that the gag makes sense.

I’m having trouble embedding the video for some reason, but here is a link:


Appreciate you taking the time to look,



Hey, i really like the second part of your animation, but in the first half, it is not really clear to me if the goat is tired or sad. I just suppose it’s tired because of the very clear and very funny second half, where it’s obviously reacting to being watched and striking that heroic pose, really charming and funny animation in my humble opinion.


Thanks for your feedback, yeah I was going for sad in the beginning, I’ll try to re-work it and try to post some updates



For me’is look good
But i thing that when the goat open it eye the head and ears should move
just a bite