Go to rotation for a full flip


Hi there.

I have a plane and converted its faces to particles. A collider is moving over the particles and triggers the next event, which is supposed to rotate the particles by 360 degrees. Now if i use the go to rotation test and specify the rotation to 360 degrees in let’s say X, the particles don’t rotate at all. I guess it’s because 360 = 0 for rotations. I also tried to have 2 go to rotation test in 2 different events, on to 180 and the next one to 360. But then the particles get flipped to 180 and back to 0 degrees. Is there a way to make the “full flip”

regards, Heilandzack


Easiest way is to to Point Cache the source object and trigger the animated shape with the deflector/collision.

Else you can to use a Spin Op with a rate of 360 and set a Go To Rotation below it, “Transition By:” Event Duration -> 46 frames and use “Target Rotation:” -> Changing, Turn off Match Initial Spin, and Stop Spinning at end.

Realistically the Spin Rate 360 should do one full rotation per second. I am not sure why the Go To Rotation increases that 16 frames when using 30fps.

Or create a Data op to do it all and forgo either method.


Thanks alot. I got it working with a data Test.

Can you tell me if this is an efficient way to do it?
Also i would like to add some variation. The way i have set it up now, every frame in the event turns the particle by a specific amount and when the limit is reached the particle gets pushed to the next event. Now if i add a variation to the limit, it gets evaluated for every particle every frame, which makes them jitter around, the higher the multiplier gets. I know that i would have to add an new in event test, but i can’t get it to work…


Anytime you use random subop or use variation they will constantly generate new values.

solve this with an output new that has a new in event attached.

Then you can use the input custom sub op to pipe into your flow.


Thank you Nickolay!

Gonna try that on monday back in the office :wink:


no problem hope that works out for you. :thumbsup:


Hey Heilandzak, if you still have any doubt, have a look on this video, it looks very similar to what you looking for and you can download the file on it’s description.