go insane or leave


my idea is a man sitting at the door of hes wifes room holding a gun while she is cheating on him with another guy. and he needs to choose to walk away from hes wife and go on with hes life or go insane and use this gun.

so far a modeled the gun in zbrush in a hurry and im not sure if its gonna be the same or im going to change it and i have to barrow one of my friends pc because i don’t have vray and don’t know how to use it too good luck to every body and hope ill finish it in time


blocking out the scene
and u probably will notice some pinching effect on the head of the women model i don`t know whats causing this the geometry is clean and all quad any suggestion will be appreciated thx


im the last one to post their finale i wish i had mor time to work on it but i barly manged to work an hour every other day on it any way here is what i got so far


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