Go Elevator ! (panoramic edition)



This is a second edition of “go elevator”. I understand which the image is better than other when i crop the frame. I improve making some adjusts of colours and levels to make a better version of this image. I hope you enjoy it.

Special Thanx to horheCG, your post make me see better my elevator. :slight_smile:

For whom don’t read the text of elevator:

Go Elevator!

In a early future, the great technical’s revolutions of present are current perform in the man’s daily. Some with simple and elegance concept, and others, showing a complex and magnific case of architecture.

The space elevator concept take this important kind of the history. Result of the scientific effort to make the space travel cheap and friend to mother earth( no more explosions), the elevator seal the important perform of the big projects of engineer

And, finally, a build reaches the space.

In this time, when all the sons of earth talks the same language of peace and love, the real contact with the space don’t be limited to scientists and military inteligence. The space tourism will be a common reality and lucrative entertaitment . In this case, the elevator will be a important actor of this innovator economic scene.

Like some cities are developed at the arquitectural focal points( castles, churchs, sky glasses builders, etc), will be desenvolved around these type of elevator a urban concetration of marine entertaitment and wisdom of the man’s consience for the earth and cosmo.

Note: In the first case of the history of arquitecture the elevator will be a main focal part of the build.

MArch, 2008

  • my apologies for my bad english.


niceee. reallyyy nicee


Hi coldarif!

I’m so grateful for your post. Really, entry in this contests and share information with brothers of others nations make me fell so strong!


Hey JFVerissimo!! Glad I could help. Yep looking a LOT better now. Nice entry!


HorheCG, thanx man, i wish good luck for us! :slight_smile:


Just one of the best…

Good luck man Good luck.

Alien Architecture Normal


Thanx Designer! i made with love this image because my passion for SCI-FI is abnormal. When i receive a mail for cgtalk and see a opportunity to difuse the elevator ideia i do sacrifices here for finish this job. Really, i hope this image helps the people who believe and spread a space elevator. :slight_smile:

live long and prosper for art !


Man, I hadn’t seen your image yet, but I really think it’s top 3!
I told this to xdroo(27th last image), and now I say it to you.

As I just love photorealism, that’s the only point I could sugest you to improve, but this is a very personal opinion…your image it’s reaally amazing man!

Congratulations! Good luck!


And before I forget, what softwares did you use to make this one?



the bluee color looks veryyy coooolll…
can u helppp meee, how to render that sky and ocheeenn…plzzzzzz

my posttt


Hello, Masters of the universe!

Diogo Faim-:slight_smile: Thanx for your words but really i dont know about this… I love many works here, and i think to take part of this contest is a great honor! the professionals of the world together thinking about the architecture of the future is the best contest what i saw. But we gonna see the results, and wish good luck for us! :slight_smile:

About the software i made with 3dsmax and the v-ray and a lot of sketches drawing with hands and i wrote a lot of texts about this and think to write a screenplay(im a screenwriter too) with this theme…

Coldarif-- THanx man! the sea i made a blend material and a lot of renders to take a final image. And the v-ray had a important material of refraction i put a fog in material to made a deep blue in material. See the composition of WIP to take a ideia about this.

Wip of composition:

Alternative composition with a teleferic to core of platform:


Hi, This is a great work I like the colors, hope you the best for the contest.



i am extremely happyyyy…that u have posted a niceee render 4 every onneeee…
thanks from the botttom of my hearttttt…


my new workkk in maya mental ray occlution


my old works in 3ds maxx


Hi Friends,

Thanx for comments Adoracion3D and Coldariff ! Im so grateful for your enjoy!


really beautifull man! congratulations


Niiice. Can we see a bigger picture? :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: THanx Rart! im so grateful for your visit!:beer:

Richardyzo- Thanx man! maybe if you click on the image you find a big picture but the real size is not in the net but i can send for you.:wink:


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