Gnomon Workshop Releases Gears of War Creature Design


The Gnomon Workshop and Epic Games release Creature Design with James Hawkins.

   In this DVD Jay Hawkins works from start to finish on the design for a Gears of War creature called the Locust Hydra. Jay covers everything from the intial thumbnail sketch to the final rendering of the concept used for production. He explains his design process using a combination of Adobe® Photoshop® and Autodesk® 3ds Max®. Jay also delves into his experiences in the game industry and at Epic Games, discussing what it takes to be a successful concept artist in today's ever changing and highly competitive market, and emphasizing the importance of teamwork for developing a successful game.

       "Working with Jay was an Art Director’s dream. He always tries to find new twists to bring to the mix, both in form and composition of his concepts, but also in his workflow and methodologies. From characters, to creatures, to weapons, and even the iconic Crimson Omen, Jay's skills as an artist shine through in all parts of the projects he works on."

[right] - Jerry O’Flaherty
Art Director, Gears of War

Did I mention it is awesome! Learn from the pros, man, or as my teacher told me, “Always learn from someone better than you are.”



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