Gnomon Workshop 'Live' - Who's Attending??


Gnomon is offering CGS members $50 off the entry price to their live workshop on Saturday and Sunday June 14th & 15th, 10am - 7pm in Hollywood, California.

 This weekend of Entertainment and Visual Effects Techniques will include guest artists, Erik Tiemens, Iain McCaig, Wayne Barlowe, Habib Zargarpour and more.

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This video of one of Brom’s sessions was shot at a recent Gnomon event. It is raw footage but a great insight into the working life of a master artist.

 [cgfe=720x480]cgfilms/documentaries/gnomon_brom[/cgfe][b]   [/b]


Very cool!


Man I wish I could see one of his sessions.

The quality of that video seems pretty decent. (actually, what you posted isnt that good, but I’m sure thats from the flash conversion) But what I mean is it isnt some fool standing in the back with a cheap hand held.

Does anyone know whether or not Gnomon going to be offering a recording of this event for purchase in the future?


I’d also be very keen to see videos of the live sessions that Gnomon does


I’d love this too. It would be great actually if Gnomon could organise paid web sessions to watch the whole thing live as it happens, or even delayed telecasts.

I’d kill to see Iain McCaig. :smiley:


Wow that was great on so many levels.


hahahah… he’s funny. sorry, had an idea of he was this melancholic dude, who was a bit too serious.
very cool video.



I second what Stefan says.
I would love to see video’s of the event. Hopefully the people at Gnomon has some business sense to have those sessions recorded and made avail for purchase to people not located in Cali.


me too!
I really like to see same sort of thingz with Zargarpour!


Yeah, recording the events then putting them up on seems like the PERFECT fit. I really don’t know why they wouldn’t do this. Perhaps they think no-one would attend? Though I’m sure they would, as there’s nothing like being there. It’d certainly give us overseas folk a way of being involved and generating money for Gnomon at the same time.


Brom was amazing! Unfortunately a larger part of his demonstration couldn’t be cleared , so this is actually just the tip of the iceberg. The event is more about what the artist has to share from his/her experiences… and this list has some amazing history behind it. I hope everyone enjoys the upcoming list of instructors, it wasn’t easy to put together, but more than worth the time.

   On a side note Alex will be giving away a free DVD as well as other goodies in the grab bag.  This will also be the only public showing of the new Mudbox features from Autodesk, special thanks to Habib from(EA) and Joyce and Rick from Autodesk. Hope to see you all there.

For anyone wishing to see this online we are listening, rebroadcasting events like this pose many roadblocks not to mention the expense. It’s something to consider and sharing the wealth of information is something that has always been a priority to Alex. In the future it would be great if it could eventually become a possibility.


I had the opportunity to talk with brom on the MB Seattle Workshop – he’s an awesome and humble artist. Great thanks! :slight_smile:


Caught Brom’s presentation at the event (and like CGmonkey, in Seattle) and it was definitely a highlight. Amazing artist, I was amused to find that an artist with such dark and brooding subject matter looks a little bit and sounds a bit like Shaggy from Scooby Doo :smiley: - great stuff indeed. I had heard he doesn’t often do presentations, so this was a treat.


Not only that he is a very talented artist, the guy is freaking fun to listen at.
Amen Brom !

and thx for the video.



great info and this changes my image of him a bit, he’s a quite a bit more upbeat than I had imagined - and FUNNY :smiley:

Thanks for sharing!


that was pretty cool and I’d like to see more of these videos from Gnomon.


wish to see more…can we?


if any of u will be attending the workshop, maybe u can post a review or a summary
of the event afterwards, together with some pics. that would be very nice and im sure
most of us across the globe would appreciate it, 'specially us here in europe that just cant make it…
id love to see an insight into erik tiemens’s and wayne barlowe’s workflow.
correction…i’d kill for that
then again, if ur too busy or lazy, just write a few sentences in here…



I’ve caught the last two Gnomon Live events (one of the benefits of being local). Its definitely worth the time and money.

Unfortunately, I’ll be unable to attend this time around. :frowning:


me too:D

hope to see this event in dvd formats