Gnomon Workshop Live!: December 12th-19th


Hi all…

We are excited to announce an online event happening in December! We will be rebroadcasting footage from past events including Brom, Wayne Barlowe, Iain McCaig and many more… These presentations are some of the most inspiring and motivating lectures that I have ever seen. Check out the event page for more info!



Hey Alex,

I’ve been reading over the details and was wondering if the lectures were going to be available for download, or if they were only going to be streamed on demand during the event. I only ask because I could see myself watching these quite a few times! :slight_smile:

Incidently, have you considered releasing these lectures as a single Gnomon DVD?



Nope, these will be streamed and available only for this event. This was a key factor in us being able to offer this online event at all. Think of it like an event you would attend at Gnomon in person. You come, you see it and then remember it for years to come. These presentations are truly inspiring and something that everyone in the industry should see… in my opinion that is. :slight_smile:




I am thinking about signing up for this but was hoping you could clarify a couple of items. I understand that after the 19th access to these will disappear. Makes sense given the quality of the content. What I am wondering is whether or not these are being broadcast on a schedule, or if they are just accessible for that week on our own schedule? Also will be be able to stop a presentation and restart it as long as it is within the window of the 12th through the 19th? While I will be in my home office that week, I can see myself getting pulled away from the desk from time to time and having the flexibility to stop and start would be great!

Thanks for the info!



One other question. It looks as though Gnomon is also opening up some Masterclasses as well in a similar format that same week? Is this the case? and is this something we can expect to happen more often?

Is there a specific reason these are both happening the same week? WOuld have been nice to get access to both but thats a lot of content to digest in the same week.



Hello DCHAD… Yes, the lectures will be available the entire week and you will be able to pause/restart/etc. They are the same week simply because of timing. As we are announcing these events without much lead time, we felt that we needed as much time as possible to get the word out, plus any later and they would bump into Christmas which would prove difficult for the instructors. We did consider having the master class event occur in January, but in the end decided that having two events simultaneously would be interesting. I agree, however, that a lot of people will be interested in both and that it is a huge amount of content. This is why we made the events so inexpensive… so that even if someone was only able to check out a couple of the presentations, they would still feel that it was a solid investment. :slight_smile:




Since you’re rebroadcasting it, is there any chance it will have subtitles/captions? I ask because it is much easier for English-as-a-second-language speakers to understand and for those who are deaf/hearing impaired.


Alex, there’s one thing that isn’t clear. In what video format will these videos be presented in? Flash? Quicktime? and what size? Will files used in the artist’s demo’s be available for viewing or is it only viewed only on the video? Any particular system requirements?

I’m considering signing up for both the masters and re-broadcast one. Where are the schedules??



i prefer to be there in person, i was planning to attend the one this year. but now i hear it is only broadcast. so i will pass, the price is still the same like years before. and besides Gnomon don’t have the associated cost like other times. food, organization, cleaning and more.
the Gnomon saves money and still charge that over priced broadcast tickets, and you cant download the videos.

maybe next year it will be on braodcast and actul live event. besides that the line up is great.



That’s wierd that you guys at gnomon dont put these presentations on dvd’s and sell them on the site… It would be nice to buy them as we can afford them…


Hi Alex,
i want the master classes but, there´s any cuppon for the disccount or something? or how can i get this disccount?


Sorry, we should have made a link from this thread when we swapped the header
You will find the CGS Member discount explained here.


I’m interested in the master class, (i’m a beginner in the area but i think this will e an excellent opportunity to me to learn from the master’s on the area) but I’m dependent on this (see quote) to decide if i buy the ticket. (my home network connection is a little slow, i it will be great if there’s some demo files avaiable, principally because my lack of experience :))


Hi all…

paperclip: Unfortunately we will not have subtitles/captions for these events. It is definitely something we would love to offer in the future, but right now we are not able to. We know that it isn’t necessarily too difficult to do, but we do not have the resources here to do it. To be honest, if someone emailed me and said “hey, I can subtitle your videos in english/chinese/whatever and it will take this long and cost this much” then I would have something to move on, but for know everyone here is swamped. If this is important to you and you have some info, let me know! :slight_smile:

smooth operator / novoNisto: the videos will be 960x540 for the GWlive event and 1024x768 for the Gnomon Master classes. The format will almost definitely be Flash. Regarding the artist demo files, those will not be available.

nbaryosef: overpriced? our costs are lower? both untrue. Why does someone always have to pipe in with a negative comment? jeez. Just be happy.

Laxalotacus: The presenters for the GWlive event are not interested in DVDs of these rather personal presentations, and therefore this will be your only opportunity to see these lectures. The Gnomon Master classes also contain several lectures that the presenters would not share on DVD. Perhaps some of them could one day be made available, but there are no plans for this.



hi alex.

“Presentations will only be viewable online, at a resolution of 960x540, and can not be saved or stored for later viewing.”

i really like to be in this classes…but the problem is my internet speed, i mean i want to save them…is there anyway ?



Thanks for your thoughtful reply to my questions. I suspected this was the case, as I had a feeling you wouldn’t be sitting around laughing at the people muttering ‘The room is too dark, I can’t really read his lips…dammit, he turned around AGAIN!’…

…I know a few subtitlers. How about if I contact them and ask them to get in contact with you? Think you could fit that into your pipeline?


Hi Alex,
Thank you for the wonderful opportunity. I have one questions as I am interested in both events you’re holding. Is the discount for cg members valid for the master classes as well?

Thank you!


One of our national broadcasters offers this sort of service:


Just bought my ticket for the re-broadcast event and something doesn’t make sense.
On the receipt under “Download your files using the following information:”
it says my download expires Dec 3?
The event end on Dec 19. Can someone explain this to me?


Hiya. Don’t worry about that. I’ll look into how the wording is phrased upon checkout. All attendees will be sent logins for the duration of the event.