Gnomon School VFX 2009 Portfolio Submission


Hi, I have submitted my portfolio to Gnomon Schools of VFX. I love 3d animation and I have a very strong passion in this field of work. I have done more in 2d design than anything else. I submitted my portfolio on Sept 14, 2009. My portfolio consists of all 2d artwork and a cd of a 3d ping pong table i did in community college. They will notify by the end of next week If i qualify as a student. Please pray for me and I will let you guys know what the outcome will be. You can click on my portfolio to see a portion of my work in 2d. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment. I will keep you guys up to date on the outcome, lol…


Not bad work. You say you have interest in 3d animation? Seems to me that you have a skill for character design. That talent you have is far different than animation. If you get accepted to Gnomon I think you would do well focusing toward texture painting, character development/modeling, or concept design.

Best of luck.

-Current Gnomon student


Hi Matthew,

I definitely agree with you that my talents should be focused on character design since most of my artwork evolves around each character. Thank you so much for giving me the confidence i need to get things going. So how is school at Gnomon? Is it tough? Do you feel that you made the right decision? Im sure that there are many other great schools out there but I felt Gnomon might be a better choice in my book. Maybe you can show me some of your sketches and designs you have done so far. Id like to see why Gnomon has choosen you as a student. I am also curious of what you submitted in your portfolio, take care for now.


The CG industry is tough. This really must be a passion of yours if you want to get into it. After catching a glimpse of what things can be like I was a little surprised…the pay is not as good as one might think, your working all day every day, & you basically have no social life. But that aside you do get to do 3d work, while hoping to find a job to make ends meat.

As far as schools, Gnomon sells itself fairly well on the internet. They have a wide spectrum of courses that touch on various fields in the industry. The school does a good job to give students a broad understanding of topic areas, however I feel it could improve on teaching more advanced classes. In certain areas there are only a few classes of that type that are offered of which I wished there were more of. Personally I did not know what I would like to do when I started out at Gnomon, which is something Gnomon is good for. People that aren’t quite focused in the CG world. The program gave me a taste of what some areas are like, but I did not have much freedom to take the classes I wanted later on. I was given a generalized set schedule. Looking back, I am grateful for attending Gnomon but knowing what I know now, given a second chance I might have taken only a few courses then gone to look for online classes or DVD instructional videos or maybe even gone to a specialized school. The reason: the industry wants only the best. Depending on the company, employers are looking for talented people in a specialized field, not so much an average generalist in 3d. Keep that in mind when considering school.

As for the acceptance in the school. Gnomon really stresses a foundation in fine art. They are looking for a portfolio that really shows your skill in traditional art. Gnomon will teach you 3d, but they can’t teach you that if you don’t have good pieces that show your understanding of fundamental principles. That is why Gnomon doesn’t accept a lot of students. It’s literally only a handful of students that get in, which goes to show how big Gnomon really is. There are many people who apply to Gnomon from all over the world. I was lucky. But half of Gnomon are people from over seas. If you don’t get in, there are other schools that offer comparable courses in 3d (Full Sail, Vancouver Film Schoool, Ringling, Savanna Art College, Ex’pression, etc). Or take on-line courses on training DVDs, which, honestly I think are just as good.

Sorry for the lengthy reply. Hoped that shed some light on your questions.


Well its Tuesday and no answer yet. It shouldn’t be long though maybe a couple of more days or just a week or so. It is very inspiring to have you explain the realizm of this type of industry. I believe it is very important to me and to others who are trying to get their foot in the door.

Well for me i have worked hard with my artwork. Ive taken an incredible amount of time and dedication into my work in the past years. It is true i could take online courses or just look at a dvd and work from there. For me id rather have an instructor assist me in every step of the way just incase i have a question that couldn’t be answered.

Yes, i also understand the pay might not be fantastic and the sacrifices an artist makes while working overtime. The question is will it pay off in the future? Will it allow a person to grow and enhance once self so others can see your true potential? These are the sacrifices artists make and in the beginning it will be tough. My expectations are not trying to be the best but to show my art and let other people see something amazing that they have never seen before brings me great pride in this field of work.

Anyways, I will give heads up on what happens this week. Wish me luck!


Hi Matthew,

Today is Friday Oct. 2nd, 2009. I recieved an email from gnomon to setup a phone interview. Can you tell me what type of questions did they ask you that way i can prepare myself for the interview and what do you think my chances are in getting in with the phone interview? Im not sure what is going to happen. If anyone out there who had a phone interview with gnomon please shed some light on me that way i can prepare the interview thanks.


I’m a student at Gnomon right now as well. Term 1 to be exact (started last week). For a phone interview it will probably be with Brian, and he’s a pretty cool dude. Most of the questions are the kinds of questions on your application to Gnomon so it’ll be fairly easy.

Good luck with the interview. Here’s the portfolio I submitted to them for reference:


Gnomon’s interviews are designed to make sure that you will be able to succeed in their program. They want to know what type of art background you have, and what type of life drawing background and skills that you have. They also want to know whether you have the requisite skills to start off running. For example, they asked my daughter, “what 3D software experience she had.” They also wanted to see her portfolio.

Also, Gnomon is directed at the self motivated student. They want to know that you are REALLY going to be a driven , motivated student. Unless you have a LOT of drive and want to pursue your skills to as near perfection as possible, the school will be a waste of time for you. They want to be as sure as possible that the school is right for you and vice versa.

I asked Brian what they would want to see for the Advanced Computer Graphics program. He noted, at the time, that they want to know what 3d training/ experience you have had. They also want to know what software you know and what art training you have had. It is also the only program at Gnomon that requires a portfolio


I’m curious what you guys think are the strongest areas of specialization are in terms of training at Gnomon?

They offer a lot of pricey dvds and online classes, how do these compare to the training one gets in class?




Some of the classes I have taken at Gnomon cover pretty much the same material as in the DVD’s. This depends on the class of course. Along with that, Gnomon’s on-line courses follows right along with the on-campus class, so there’s not much difference in my opinion. There’s pro’s and con’s for each. Gnomon on-line and the DVD’s might be the cheaper way to go with comparable training to a resident student.


thanks! that’s good to know.


Hi everyone!

I am updating this post since its been a while. I know there are some of you wanting to know the results of my portfolio submission. Its been almost 3 months now and I finally got a call back from brian @ Gnomon. He told me I have great potential and that I could excel in their school. I listened to every detail he had to say to me and he congrajulated me on my portfolio submission. I will now become a student at Gnomon for the winter semester term starting in January 11,2009. I think thats the date not sure though. Anyways, going through financial aid right now and getting things prepared. Im not sure the total cost for the 2 year program but i hope its not to expensive, lol… Anyways, i will keep posting here and update my position. Take care for now my friends…


congratulations cheers mate :beer:


Thanks kaustubh.kaloti,

And for all you 2d artist out there dont give up hope! Keep drawing traditionally and you will see results! If you want to succeed and love 3d modeling then this is the career for you! I will attend Gnomon School in Jan. 11. 2009. I just recieved my acceptance letter for financial aid. I will keep you guys posted on the results and how the school is take care for now everyone!


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