Gnomon School or VFS? or any other?


I am a 21 year old graphic designer. I want to continue my studies in the VFX field, but i am unsure about which one should i choose. I have read some bad reviews about VFS saying that the price was to high for such a little time for the program (one year). I haven’t find anything bad about Gnomon, except that they focus on post-production classes and not production, say motion capture, or green screen and all that, isn’t that REALLY important for a VFX artist?

So please anyone who knows about these two schools (or any other that you would recommend) please say something. I don’t live in the states and this is a difficult and important decision for me.

Thank you!



here is a little story of “Sil van der Woerd” who went to Gnomon School of Visual Effects.

I like lokking and hearing to the Speakers of the classes from and for an starter in VFX take a look @




Thanks for your answet, i just visited the website of the Gnomon student you gave me, but it says nothing about gnomon facilities or teachers or the gnomon experience :sad:


I didn´t hear or read anything bad about Gnomon FX.
For Sil it was a good decision for sure and if you look @ his work he is done after wenting to Gnomon speaks worlds… The technical stuff you can learn allmost everywhere in a short time. Nothing to say aggainst a finalized Gnomon experience in your pocket.




If you have an idea of what you would like to focus on, then perhaps you may not need to attend a school. Gnomon, Digital Tutors, FXPHD have a wide range of worskshop DVD’s that would help develop your skills in that specific field.

I too was a graphic designer, and decided to change careers and look for different options. Gnomon, VFS, Full Sail, or any other specialized 3d school (Ringling, Ex’pression, etc) can teach you Visual Effects, but what you have to consider are cost and time. If time and money are an issue then I recommend learning at your own pace at home by watching DVD training videos or learning on-line (can be abroad). By doing this, you save money by learning what you want to learn as well as following your own schedule.

I decided to stop working, pack-up & move across country, and go to school. Quite a change for me. At school, one doesn’t have time to work on the side, plus it takes time & money actually going to school. I am not a on-line guy, but for those that can do it, maybe you could consider that as well. The DVD’s and on-line learning aren’t that much different than on campus classes. But it’s your preference.

Hope that helps, and good luck in your decisions.
-Gnomon Student


If your thinking about VFS, also think about the Vancouver Art Institute in Burnaby, I’m currently attending the 3d modeling for animation/games/vfx there, and it’s been an incredible experience so far. They have a great vfx program as well. Great teachers and atmosphere.


Thanks for your reply!, i just saw your entry on another thread…would you be kind enough to add me on Microsoft Messenger or Facebook or any other? please let me know, i would like to ask you other things about CG…


Hi there,

I think making the right decision for you comes down to what you expect to learn. And this stems from what you want to do career wise. ‘VFX’ is a deceivingly broad term. This can be everything from Particles/simulations, Compositing, Modeling and texturing, Matte Painting, Lighting and Rendering, Technical Direction, Animation, Editing etc etc. I noticed you also raised the fact that Gnomon only teach post-production. Keep in mind, most vfx courses focus on post production…with a few exceptions where they also offer a bit of experience on set filming, green screens, mo-cap etc. These are helpful things to experience but I’d say only essential if you’re either going to be behind the camera or an FX Supervisor (which you’ll pick up over the amount of experience you need to get to that level anyway) . You may also want to check out I’m pretty sure they have a bit of both production and post-production parts of the course.
Hope I’ve helped. Good luck.


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