Gnomon or Full Sail?


I am still confused on which school I should go to. Suggestions?


If you can go to Gnomon, go to Gnomon…There still are no guarantees, because you ultimately determine how much you learn. Gnomon has the best resources.


Hey man,

Have you looked in Indiana at all? Last I heard, the job market in LA and Florida wasn’t so great. A degree from Notre Dame or Purdue would get you further than those schools. Abeiet ND is a little expensive and hard to get into.



Well Notre Dame does not offer anything in computer graphics, like for 3D Model Artist’s like me.


Hey man,

Do you have a link to your portfolio? It would help us if we could see some of your work. :stuck_out_tongue:



Right now I do not have a computer that really can use maya.


Well if you don’t have a very fast computer or any money, you could always install Linux and run Blender on it. Most Linux distros are a little more compact than Win or OSX. I think Gnomon requires a portfolio, so you’ll need to get started on some art stuff.

Plus if your considering investing 50K to go to Full Sail or Gnomon, you might want to invest 700 or 800 on a capable machine first. :curious:


Well I am in 9th grade.


Hey man,

I started doing 3D stuff myself around 8th grade on a small program written by one guy called Anim8tor. I found that my HS offered a class in 3DS Max, so I signed up for it when I was in 10th grade. No reason you cant start doing 3D stuff now if you have an interest in it. You can get free copies of all the Autodesk programs if your a student.



I have autodesk Maya 2013 but I need a computer to use it on.


If it boils down to just either Gnomon or Full Sail, I’d go with Gnomon.

I haven’t been to Gnomon so I can’t put any personal input there, but it just looks better on paper. Gnomon is a well known school in the industry that specializes in cg and vfx. And according to wikipedia Full Sail is a privately held “for profit” university, which usually means bad news.


Hey! I go to Gnomon :slight_smile: If you have any questions about the school just pm me. Overall though, no complaints from me about the program. So I’d say… do Gnomon! :smiley:


Oh man, don’t leak information like that. You’re revealing our age pretty easily :slight_smile: I too started with Animator. Oh, those were the old days… Did you get by chance to work on 3D Studio Max for DOS?


Both schools are very good and if you have the money I would certainly advise you to enroll. Studying in those places will give you a good infrastructure, great teachers and the best of all, networking opportunities. In that regard, Gnomon is best.

But personally, I would recommend you first to buy yourself a good machine, install a copy of Blender (or an educational version of 3D Max or Maya) and begin to experiment and learn on your own. Take as many art courses that you can handle (sculpting, drawing, photography) and watch as many tutorials as you can. That hard work can payoff immensely and turn you into a very capable Artist all by yourself at an infinitely lower cost.

Then , spend those 50k on your own project.


All the good programs start with traditional art first – you need to be able to design things on paper before you model and animate them. In 9th grade, even without a computer, it’s a good bet to spend all your time drawing and taking art classes and build up a great portfolio. I personally think that photography is also relevant and worth taking seriously, although how important photography is might depend on what kind of 3D work you want to do.


I want to do character and creature modeling. for film…


Hey man,

You just got some career advice from one of the most respected figures in the field. His book has been really influential on thousands of artist, including myself. I would take Mr. Birns advice. :wink:



Haha, well I’m still in my early 20’s. I think the first version of Max that I ever played around with was 5. My first computer was something like a P4 with a gig of ram, and it really didn’t run too bad. I have faint memories of Win95, but I think XP was out by the time I started doing art stuff on the computer.

On another note, I love that concept work from your scifi short. Let me know if your looking for an enviroment modeler. :stuck_out_tongue:



I just realized the mr.birns worked at pixar haha! More specifically i would like to create creatures and characters for films with live-action footage.


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