Gnomon Master Class Image 01, David Lesperance (3D)


Title: Gnomon Master Class Image 01
Name: David Lesperance
Country: USA
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay, ZBrush

Hey all this is part of the demo for the up coming Gnomon Master Class that I’ll be doing in December. more to come lol Hopefully you guys like it, I have a few different topics, one is Layout and my general workflow for making large scenes, asset sculpting, Displacement work with Vray and some stuff on UV’s. Again nothing I do is perfect but I hope it teaches some people some stuff :smiley:

Stay Metal


Like it very much!


That does look promising


This is definitely you best work so far. You are improving with every new image and it’s nice to see you are setting bar higher and higher!

Good luck man, BTW!


just… wowww


Wow…stunning piece of work. Congrats!


will you marry me. no homo… just wow


Gorgeous, can’t wait to see more! Every new image you put up encourages me to keep going!


Wow! Very interesting picture! With great stylization.


Very nice.
I love the composition.


Uhh amazing. great scene


Lightning is amazing! Great Image!


love it!
it kinda feel like Assassin’s Creed environments…


>Amazing just Amazing thumbs up :slight_smile:


great work! well done.


Wow I really love this peace. Great mood and great overall concept and design.
Keep it up!

Cheers Silverwing


I really love the scene, congrats for the award.
The only little thing disturbing me are these umbrellas in the foreground which are not as fine as the rest of the scene and which are even occluding some nice details you’ve worked on. I think these umbrellas, especially the red ones would have deserved a finer structure and details.
But it’s just a small detail, congrats for your work on this picture!


Realy like the scene … its fantastic… Angle of camera makes it more dramatic…


Very nice, great lighting and nice mood !


Holy shit thanks for the award and the kind words. I agree the unbrellas are ass. I’d remove em if the class wasnt do so soon. Again live and learn, hopefully I’ll figure it out one day. Another fun study. Far Far Far from perfect but maybe in another 20 years I’ll figure this stuff out stay metal dudes.