Gnomon is now $66,000 for their two year program


To my surprise, Gnomon School of Visual Effects raised their tuition for their previously comparable computer graphics by a whopping $20,000. It is now $66,000, which does NOT count room, board, parking, supplies etc.

What has changed is that the new program is called Digital Production for Entertainment. It consists of two full years, instead of the previous 7 quarters, and consists of four different tracks:

  1. Modeling and Texturing
  2. Character Animation
  3. Visual Effects Animation
  4. 3d Generalist

They also have a combined Digital Productions and Entertainment design program for three years totaling a whopping $81,000… Even their 9 week Maya intensive program went up from $9,000 to $10,675.

The advantage is that if you want to specialize in one of these areas, you can. However, I am beginning to wonder if getting a three year program at SCAD or Ringling would be the better deal now, especially with more scholarship money available from these institutions. Just a heads up for everyone interested in Gnomon.


Yeah I saw this too. I’ve wanted to attend but now I’m having doubts if it’s worth the massive loan I’d have to take out since they don’t offer scholarships.


Considering that it isn’t even an accredited school, I don’t think I could ever justify spending that much on a certificate program. Good luck getting funding to whoever thinks it is worth it.


wowooo!! that’s massive, no doubt gnomon school is up there on the top in term of education but that’s simply out of reach for so many people…in comparaison the school where I work is 3500€ the year! almost 10 time less if you compare that’s amazing.

But yeah you got the best of the best for that price I suppose…



Ringling has a very reputable animation program. It’s considered by many as the second best school for learning “animation”. The first being Cal Arts


Wow. Now that is a lot of cash to bust out but no room and board thats crazy. I know that The Dave school was doing something where you get free room and board for the whole time that you are taking the course. Note I am not advertising lol.


Gnomon is accredited.


And here is that link for that:


Yes, Gnomon is accredited as a vocational school. It isn’t accredited by the major accrediting agencies ( the Western Assocation of Schools and Colleges)that accredit most colleges such as CarArts, UC system etc.


So can you transfer credits to other colleges? Just curious not that would stop me from going there if I had the money.


I doubt you’d be able to transfer credits.


Im fairly certain those other agencies require the schools to offer degrees, and hence general education classes.


Because Gnomon is not accredited by the major west coast accrediting agency that accredits most colleges ( Western Conference of Schools and Colleges), their credits won’t transfer for either undergrad work or grad school.


I wouldnt go there with the intention of transfering somewhere else later.

Almost everyone in my graduating class from Gnomon already had a degree anyhow.


From what I’ve read it’s more of a finishing school and doesn’t try to replace traditional programs. I still want to go there just because of all the opportunities it will afford me. I don’t mind being in debt if I can get a job doing what I love to do, but 66k + 10k a year to live in LA (Rent, Food, etc.) is a lot. I’m not sure I could even get a loan for that much. Not to mention the fact that from what I hear you don’t have time to work.

I don’t know how the full time students in the program manage.


I would be surprised if you can live on only 10K per year. If you count parking, gas or bus service, food, utilities, housing, internet, insurance and maybe some travel back home once in a while, you need to budget closer to 15K per year for costs outside of Gnomon.


Killah Priest look into the Dave school man as I mentioned earlier they have free room and board but that is if you apply before March ends. All you need is food and transportation.


It’s a little sad to see that you have to be extremely rich or extremely indebted to get a good cg education in the US.

My school is 7k euros/year and it’s already way more than most people can afford here. But the difference isn’t as skewed…


I bet you a dozen families in some third world country could live off that tuition for a year.


What the hell does that have to do with anything?

Anyways, there’s a reason that Gnomon grads always land gigs at the best studios - because the quality of the tuition and the specifics of their curriculum is tailored to suit real production environments and situations. Gnomon is easily one of the most respected and well-positioned schools in North America, and is probably one of, if not the best, CG instructional institutions in the world. Take a look at the reels of recent graduates alongside those of other schools, and ask yourself why the work is consistently top-quality. Sure, it’s expensive, and not everyone will be able to attend - that’s just tough shit, I’m afraid.

So they don’t offer degrees for that price - probably because they know that the value of a piece of paper is virtually nil in this industry. If you’re set on attaining a degree, there are a plethora of other schools to go to. You want the best CG education, go to Gnomon. Even their DVD series has taught me more than anything I could have learned at a lesser institution because of the quality of the content, and the skill and experience of their tutors.

There are other means to learn the necessary skills and succeed if you’re driven enough.