Glowing objects and radiosity


Hey all,
I haven’t used LW in a while but I used to be able to create an object, turn on luminosity, turn on radiosity and the object’s light would effect other objects around it. Now it seems the object itself will glow but now the surface its sitting on won’t receive the light. Is there a new way to turn this on?



Care to share your radiosity settings?


I figured it out last night. All my objects were really one object with a few layers. It seems it won’t cast on itself. I had to make the ground plane a separate object for the object to cast light on it.


That’s strange. It should work even if it’s the same object file.


hmmmm Thats weird. I will try another when I’m finished this project. If I shut all lights off only the text would glow and no ground… totally black no matter how high I set intensity. When I made it a separate object it worked like I remember it did.


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