glowing gaseuos ball help


Hi everyone,
First of thanks for taking interest of this post.

Basically I would like to create a glowing ball(with some sort of energy feel in it) that travels at a slow smooth speed with a soft cloud,semi transparent trail that follows it.

I would also like the glowing ball to emit smaller balls that does the same (have a slow soft cloud trail following it).

The main problem i’m having is, how could I create this slow soft looking cloud trail ?

Here is a link to an image that describes the kind of gaseous ball effect i would like to achieve.

I would appreciate any help on this.
Thanks ^^.


Use particles.

Parent an omni emitter to the glowing ball to make it follow. Let the particles be of type multipoint. Create a turbulence field and let it affect the particles. Render in the hardware renderer.

There’s quite a few steps to the kind of particle system in that image, so if you’ve never used particles before, you should probably look up the dynamics tutorials that come with maya. Trere’s also a bunch of tutorials at that would probably be helpful.


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