Global Warming Quercus


Hi all!

This is our last animation for McCann Portugal client Quercus.

Here is the video:

I hope you like it!



MISERAVEIS! :buttrock:

Parabéns a todos da equipe!


Awww :frowning:

I think the spot looks great…wonderful environments and charming characters. Would expect nothing less from you at SeagullsFly!


great work… congratulations…



Great Job!
Makes me want to kill myself in the end, but in a good way! :smiley:

Great subtle animation, specially on the monkey… uh… chimpanzee!


Great Idea . Great animation . Great anything !
one of the best works Ive seen !


t h a n x
for share


Fantastic Job as always!

5 stars and frontpage stuff for sure. I just don’t like that monkey (ok, chimp). It’s ugly and deserved to die anyway.


…no words. The direction… :bowdown: …the quality…wow.


Fantástico, é com muito prazer que vou ver isso cá em Portugal.


Excellent animation, but its a bit too far in the direction of ‘save the fluffy animals, think of the children!’ for me.


Very good!

Bom pra caralho!


I thought it was hilarious when the animals committed suicide :smiley:

Overall an incredible production though.:drool:



Very sad, but makes a point.


Great work!



I am not for global warming (if indeed I am being told the truth about the climate), however this AD smells of heavy propaganda.

Nice render.


Cool !

What 's the render engine used and the hair system, please ?



Umm… wow. Super Duper wow. Full of thought. Cheers.

-Anwar Bey-Taylor


Great work
really nice
Congrats for all of you guys
Keep rocking


Perfect job!


great work.
great message.