Glimpse Of Summer, Linda Bergkvist (2D)


Title: Glimpse Of Summer
Name: Linda Bergkvist
Country: Sweden
Software: Photoshop

I felt I just wanted to share what summer in the cabin is like for me, when walking through the sunlit woods with my cat Azrael. I know this isn’t anything I’d usually paint, but I had so much fun doing it (though I’ve got a cold so bad I honestly don’t know why I’m sitting up) that I couldn’t help but show it.
I hope you’ve had a lovely summer, too.
(the part I’m happiest about is that I actually managed to capture my monkey feet, ha ha).
A couple of closer shots:


Really a good work


Beautiful, as always. :smiley: This seems to capture that sense of innocent joy you get when playing in a forest in summer, thinking about old fairytales (to me, anyways…). And, of course, Azrael is just absolutely adorable in this piece. Fabulous work! :thumbsup:


very nice colors and concept:thumbsup:


Wonderful work! I have been looking forward to another piece from you. Gorgeous colours, this has a real sense of summer attatched to it. I love the lighting and the shadows. Beautiful!


great work linda as always but this time with more imagination … I feel unlucky today because my pic directly under your pic … u know what I mean haha … I like Azrael face and the grass seems fantastic … very cool … 5 stars absolutely:thumbsup:


Adorable image with lots of personality. Lovely colors. Something about the lifted paw on the kitten. Could be the leg is too short or maybe too much of the underside of the paw is showing. Don’t want to nitpick it is a lovely image.


Delightful, wonderful! Your work is exceptional, Linda, and I always look forward to new pieces by you. And you appear to have very cute “monkey feet” to boot! LOL


Ooooh! Very nice! What a great mix or realism and stylisation… great to see a new pic Linda! :smiley:




Haha Linda! This is so funny and cute… I love it when you do these stylized caricature type paintings (like your one of Azrael in the snow). I especially love Azrael’s eye, and the background and lighting are exceptional. One comment or suggestion would be to maybe have your right hand reaching up toward one of the dragonflies. Amazing work though, like always, hehe. :thumbsup:

Haha, monkey feet… :smiley:


Hi, Linda! I do hope you’re feeling better soon. I recognized you and Azrael immediately. These caricatures are delightful! Thanks for sharing your woodland summer. It looks beautiful. Gone are the days when I lived within 20 miles of unapologeticaly untamed forest. I miss them here in this sprawling metroplex hugging our coastal desert. Getting to watch the local deer, otters, mink and hares literally playing was a priceless treasure. Thank you for reminding me of those times.


Lovely work as always Linda. Love the kitty’s eyes and the expression on your face. Beautiful. Lovely atmosphere too.

One thing that strikes me as a bit odd is Azrael’a raised fron paw. I just seems a bit off, and doesn’t quite make sense to me.

Otherwise totally beautiful piece.


OMG! sumthin thats actually different from the rest of ur work…finally!

nice stuff.


I’ve been craving for more of your work!! Beautiful and fun piece!
When is your book comming out? hope it’s this year!!


Excellent work as usual, Linda.

I really like the atmosphere and colours on the background (was photo ref used?), and the composition is really good.
The only thing that bugs me is that its hard to read the size of azrael. The size of the fairy and dragonfly indicates that they are small, yet the foliage, tree trunk and leaves under azraels feet make him look horse-sized :shrug:

Fantastic work either way, and congrats on yet another worthy frontpage!


Another awesome one, Linda =D
I really love the colour scheme, you captured the summer mood brilliantly. Forests are so awesome in the summer :slight_smile:
I like the style, it really reminds me of illustrations in old children’s fairytale books… beautiful, just beautiful.

And Azrael’s expression is so cute!


Quite lovely. The hand and feet of the little fairy (is it supposed to be you? :D) feel a bit too realistic to fit with her tiny, “fairy-like” body shape, I mean they kinda look like a normal person’s hands & feet, instead of large ones on a small fairy… But that’s probably not the point of this image ^^; The mood is brilliant and that’s what matters. :slight_smile:


Another masterwork
Thanks for let us view your awesome paints
You are my teacher
Sorry by my english

Muy lindos trabajos


I love it Linda, I love it!