Glen Angus (gangus) Rest in Peace


i add my condolences too…
i’ve no words in front of this facts…

may continue to inspire us from above…


sad news :frowning: condolances to his family and friends. the victory gals were some of the most inspiring artwork ive ever seen. its a shame to lose such a great artist and from what i hear a great father/husband. rest in peace.


My deepest condolences go out to his family.


I never knew him, but his artwork was truly inspirational. He is definately the kind of artist, and person, that myself and my friend aspire to be like. My deepest apologies for his beautiful wife and children.


[b]Glen Angus Memorial Fund
c/o Park Bank
P.O. Box 8969
Madison, WI 53791

I know for those of us that would love to give money, but don’t have any to give. I think that the next best thing for all of us is to send GLEN ANGUS A NETWORK INVITATION. I am working on talking to an administrator to except them. I just think that having his portfolio linked to all of us would be a very nice memorial. For we are the CG Soceity family and we lost one of our brothers. Late Nwagz



Glen Angus is the very first person on my portfolio network, and Im so proud of it.

Glen was so kind and so considerate that he always answered every single post I made on his threads, unlike any other “major leaguer”, he never cared who you were, he was always there to give us some input. What an angel.

I was always complaining on his threads that I couldn’t believe that he didn’t have a CG Award, well I guess he could have a post-mortem award now.

God must have wanted Glen so bad, being the kind of powerfull artist that he was…"
So now we will only be able to see his next masterpiece if we get to heaven.

My love to his family.


May he rest in peace.

I knew his work because of the image he made about his son, it really moved me and i saw his portfolio and was blown away…

Best of wishes for his family.


Hi all,

I just returned from a short vacation when I picked up the news this morning about the passing of Glen. It saddens me greatly to see such an accomplished, talented and driven individual torn away like this from his loved ones.

Reading through some of the articles I saw Glen was a fighter for faster help for autistic children once diagnosed because his son Ted was diagnosed with autism as well.
I am the father of an 8 year old son Bodi who was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome (an Autism Spectrum Disorder) and know what it is like to be fighting for the well being of a child that needs special care and the cost involved in that.

Isn’t there a way that we as a CG Society community could set up a trust or fund with which we could help Glen’s wife and Ted to give them a financial backing for the very insecure future they face? I’m not sure if this is anything that could be set up somehow but I for one would really like to contribute to giving Glen’s family some foundations for the future.

Hopefully this comes out the way I intend it to since I’m dutch and some of my text may not have translated over the way it’s supposed to…



I just opened up my CGTalk newsletter mail to see the post…I would say 90% of the time his work was my PC wallpaper and his blog was about the only one I read on this site.

This is truly a tragedy as you could tell he was a loving father and of course an amazing artist.

My thoughts go out to his wife and son, and anyone else affected by the sudden passing of a truly great person. :sad:


Really I have no words…one mouth ago he write me at my portfolio.
I consider you one of the most creative artist on the CG world, I can beleave it.

My condolanses to family.

Sorry for my little words and for my bad English.



I feel so sad for receiving this message.We will remember the excellent artist.


Please do not do this. We intend to keep Glen’s portfolio as it is, and will not be accepting incoming connections.

If you are unable to afford to donate, you are more than welcome to leave your regards on his guestbook.


no words.


Rip Buddy!


it’s very sad. I am sorry for that loss - he was precious and still is in our hearts. And always will be…

Paint your beautiful images to the skies of heaven mate…


I am at a complete loss for words over this. Glen is from my home town and someone I knew through friends of the family. Not only was he one of the most talented artists I’ve ever encountered, but also one of the most generous people I’ve ever known. He will be missed greatly.


Glen became my friend through art… but quickly became my friend outside of it. I never worked with him directly but brainstormed and exchaned not only art related matter but life. I will miss you with my whole heart and it pains me that i only found out now. some 2+ months after your death. I cant contain myself right now and wish i could talk to you for one last time. I hope the best for your wife and children.
You inspired and helped me to not only become a better artist, but better person during my time on this earth. I miss you so much I wish I could have told you this while you were here. You have forever affected my life and I thank you for that. I cherish our talks and your trust in me and hope I touched you in a fraction of how you did me. I miss you more then eloquence can express and I wish we had more time together. I wish I was able to tell you thank you for your impact on my life, and your advice. Thank you for making a mark on me, and you will be truly and most sincerely missed. I am pained to never see Gangus talk to me again.

This shock of findng out 2+ months later is unbearable to someone who i grew so close too. I miss you glen, you became a true friend and mentor and have tought me more than i ever wanted to know.

Thank you so much.

Lucas Herrera.


So sad…I was now reading a thread of his and suddenly, the news…
Such a great artist!

All the best wishes to his family!


My oh my, How time flies eh?

I was just looking over some of Glen’s work. I can’t believe a year has passed since he left us. Thankfully his brilliant art will be here to stay with us.

I wasn’t an active poster back then but I thought since I still appreciate his work in 2008 onwards id leave my respect for him here.

RIP Glen


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