Glen Angus (gangus) Rest in Peace


I just wanted to write this post to let everyone in the CG community know that we’ve lost one of the greats today. Glen Angus, known as gangus on CGTalk, died today from apparent complications due to an aneurysm. I worked with Glen for many years at Raven Software, and he was a great friend to me and just about anyone who knew him. I know Glen was a very active and popular artist on these forums, so I thought it would be the right thing to do to let you all know as soon as possible. Please join me in wishing the best for his wife and two children during this time of loss. Rest in peace Glen, you were the best.

Jason Smith

Please take time to read our celebration of Glen Angus’ life and art here.

Anton Fletcher


All my best wishes go to his family.

I can’t count the number of Gangus’ pieces I have in my inspiration library and I know that the concept art world is a great deal smaller without him in it.

Thanks, Gangus, for everything and, again, all the best to his family.


This is extremely sad news.
My condolences go out to his wife, kids and family.


Glen has been an inspiration and a mentor to many. His work is ageless.

My heartfelt condolences to his family. He will be sorely missed.

Kind regards, Mike


Glen will be missed.

Everyone should check out his site as well as his latest pieces.

Deepest condolences to his wife and children.


Thanks for giving us the heads up Jason.

Condolences from everyone at CGSociety and Ballistic Media.

We have given Glen’s portfolio an honorary membership as a memorial -

Including one of my all time favorite pieces of art:


Glen? Holy… I was only just looking at his Strange Behaviour entry…

Wow… just wow… :sad:

Condolences to all his workmates, friends and family. His amazing passion will be missed.


Oh no. Terribly sad. I really can’t believe it.

Probably of all the artists I’ve come to know through the forums, Glen has come through as the kindest and most generous, and he was obviously an abundantly talented artist who had a great desire to share his knowledge with others. It was clear how much he loved and was concerned for his family, specifically his autistic son. I wish that I had had the opportunity to meet him in person, his warmth and intelligence as a human being was evident in everything that he did. I will really, really miss him.

Huge condolences to his family, who must be going through a terrible time right now.


Glen was not only active in the CGTalk community, but he also focused on showing his great flying machine images like ‘Victory Gal’ for the enjoyment of others in other media.

  Working on our books, this is where I had the most contact with him, and his clear enthusiasm and artistic passion will be sorely missed. This was matched only by his fierce drive to get treatment for his young son, which will continue on. I urge people to visit his site, his CGPortfolio and I wish the best for the loving family he left behind.


He was also extremely active on the community… i’ve passed the news on.


Loosing someone so good is only sweetend by the good that came from that person. Hope his family is alright.


This is a big shock, sad news.

Condolences to all his loved ones and friends.


I’m quite speachless. I cant belive he is gone
Really sad news.

Is there going to be some sort of memorial from Cgtalk?


Glen recently provided some work for myself and another CGTalker, Duddlebug, and all I can say is it was a pleasure to have him involved with us. This is shocking news indeed, and my heart goes out to his family.


I don’t know what to say… this is shocking.

my condolences…



My condolences. Wishing his family and friends all the best


This is the second times i heard my favourite online artist passed away. It was [size=3]Seth Fisher ([/size]flowering nose).

Today is Glen Angus. This is hurting so much.

They are young & powerful artist.



I’m so very sorry … :sad: He will be missed by all.


That’s awful news, he’s always been such a great inspiration.

My heart goes out to his family and for the passionate way he was helping his son.


I can’t believe he is gone.

My condolences to the family and friends.