Glaurung & Turin, Francesc Camos (3D)


Congratulations my friend!!
I love the atmosphere and the texture of the rocks. :wink:


Great composition, with phenomenal detail


i get a real sense of presence and power from this image


I am sure glad you finally decided to try! :thumbsup: This is really great work. I love the realism. You really feel like you could walk into that scene.


Nice model and mood!


I almost didnt notice the guy at the bottom.
Great job!


Very nice piece.


Wow!I like the atmosphere.


This is one of the better images I’ve seen on this site. Everything feels like it’s part of the same scene which is what pulls me away from most CG.


That lizard is so detailed. This is what Legend of Zelda dodongos would look like if they were real.


Love the sense of scale on the monster, awesome work!


Good work my friend. This reminds me of creature in last version of King Kong.


That is the best hide I’ve ever seen on a CG reptile. His sculpt is fantastic too. The dwarf looks human to me though. His proportions are very athletic. I always picture a stocky barrel chested laborer.

Fantastic work


A big awesome work! :scream:


WOW! Powerful and quite realistic!


Great piece! Good job! :wavey: