glasses, heon-hwa choe (3D)


Title: glasses
Name: heon-hwa choe
Country: Korea (South)
Software: Maya

maya 2008
photoshop cs2

this Is a glasses girl
Used mentalray and created.
Modeling and texturing in maya .


Great work! Love it!

The lips are really kissable! Good pose! Fantastic cloth! You really did a very good work here!

Some critics (on high level):

Eyebrows… maybe textured looks better!
Lower Eyelids … don´t know, something is disturbing me.
Skin looks a little bit too “wet”.
Bumpmapping of the blouse should be choosen a bit finer.
Texture on the breast is a bit blurry!

Anyway! Wonderful!


Fantastic work. Really nice skin shader and the accuracy AA is awesome. Very cool image.


Great work :applause: . I really love it.
I agree with about the skin looking a little bit too wet. As for the eyes, I think she is a bit cross-eyed.


beautiful girl, well done.


Excellent work. I particularly like the modeling and shader on her shirt.
Although the textural detail on her skin is really well done (i love those tiny veins on her cheeks), it looks a little too smooth and glossy in places such as her chest and arm.

Great pic though


good started,
amazing work i :love: this face girls very nice modeling

good lcuk 4 ever :applause:

i vote 4 u :wip:


Wow theres some great work popping up at the moment - but as characters go, this has been my fav from the most recent work submitted. What a great character and lovely texture work. Your lighting is top notch too :slight_smile: Great job

What method did u use for the hair?


Good work, critique: spec is a little strong in some areas, arm,neck…and the eyes need some tweak but overall nice render and character, shirt modelling very well done.


looks very good


Very nice. GJ. Amazing picture and detail. Skin texture is really well done and I agree with Traxx on the Lips. Well done all around.


I love this picture!! I haven’t got anything to critique that others haven’t already said. Nice one!



Great realism! Fantastic job with the hair, and cloth! Great detail throughout, along with the veins in her chest and neck area. Inspiring work!


I like it a lot !

Especially her face and haircut ^^

I agree with comments about wet skin and eyebrows

Except that it really is a good work . Very cute girl :thumbsup:



It’s awesome!! i really love it :slight_smile:


wow… really nice work. shading/lighting is great. :slight_smile:


very nice modeling :love:


Good work!!
Maybe the hand skin tone reflection has little strength.


Nice work…
I like it…