Glass of Liquid


I’ve been battling this for a while now and seems i cant get it right…

How do you render a glass of colored liquid in Vray?! (actually a parfume bottle in this case)

the liquid material?: Refraction Fog color? or Volumetric Fog in the Shading Group’s Volume tab?

What render settings do you use? secondary Brute Force or Light Cache?

I KEEEEP getting black edges / spots nomatter how high my refraction depth is… and one time i got it to look “okay” but then when i rendered my sequence I got a ton of artifact pops on multiple frames…

Lighting - im using a Studio HDR map that doesnt actually have any solid blacks in it, so the black spots shouldnt be caused from Refraction catching black scene space?

Lastly - do you make the liquid part as a separate object or just add a separate shader to the inside of the container geometry?

would LOVE some advice on this subject … maybe even a tutorial cos learly - im missing something lol.

Seems i only have this issue when im trying to Layer refractive objects…




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