"Glass Half" - a new Blender Foundation open movie


Presenting the new short from the artists at the Blender Institute, “Glass Half”…



This is amazing! The setup is so simple, but it works really well.
Several moments were very funny, but I particularily loved when they made fun of each others preferences. Great job!


Excellent! I laughed out loud a lot. Lovely short. Has it won any prizes yet?


Very nice short!
But why did you “hide” it in the Press Releases subforum, this would seem to be something that deserves its place in the News forum proper…


That was a lot of fun.

I don’t know if the creator intended to convey a message, but if so, I’m guessing the ending was trying to say that in real life, there are sweet and beautiful things, as well as dark and disturbing things, and ideally good art should reflect both?


Thanks! Yep, that’s basically it.
Glad you liked it!