Glass Candle Holder


A big thankyou to Lede for helping me with geometry problems :thumbsup:

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It looks good.
I also wanted to know if you used double sided textures for the glass?


Thankyou. Yeah, used double sided.

With Wick:

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You may want to tone down the pattern on that candle if you want people to see the glass. It looks good, but man that candle is busy. Just sucks in all my attention.


Hi Simianlogic,

Thankyou. Yeah, texture was a standin.
This is the final render.

A big thankyou to Pi Song for setting up the scene and fixing the Glass.

Glass is one of Pi’s Specialities.

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I was going to criticize the lighting, etc., earlier but was too lazy. I couldn’t really believe it was glass in the previous pictures. The latest render looks very good, and the glass is nice.

good work.



Thanx man.

Heres a render without the grass:

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Looks good, but the only thing that kills it for me are the two tiny hotspots: one on the glass and the other on the candle itself. Looks like a spec hit from a point light, or possibly something weird with the caustics? Either way, it kind of blows the illusion of reality. Otherwise very good though.


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