--- Gladiator ---


No! i’m not dead…:stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s say i was a little bit lazy…and relocation takes time.

This is a new character - hopefully next gen – max 10 000 tris

I 've plan a lot of accessoires on this fella and a big sword etc…

and humm… i forgot Happy new year !!!


That’s a great mesh already, his a55 looks a bit rectangular but it could be the angle. The head reminds me of hellboy. Have fun with the rest and happy new year!


Solid work so far guillom…I dig the topology and I think 10,000 triangles is about right for this guy (I presume he is approached as a playable character?) and I like ya method of how ya blocking out the hands too…interesting and gives a good preivew to the proportions…If ya don’t mind me asking, but what polygon count is he so far?..keep up the progress man…:thumbsup:


hahahaha he reminds me of The Tick!

Zup dwee da da da dwee dow!


agreed. just like blocking out a life-drawing. off to a great start. can’t wait to see how this guy turns out. gotta say, I’d like to see his shoulder blades poking through the mesh a little.




obelisk, Wayne Adams

Thx for your comments and your advices

johnwoo, Psyk0

yes he will be a playable character,4900 tris so far but i will optimised him after Zbrush

This mesh is just the preparation for ZB, so i tried all quads

Thx for the advice, i will correct his ass ( too rectangular that’s true )

Thx all for your support…


Cool character. regarding to your texture abilities it will be great.


love it, can’t wait to see how he’ll come together in the next steps


Great looking character. I love seeing characters with that Mr. Incredible face :slight_smile:


This is looking sweet guillom, your mesh work looks solid so far, although the topology in the forearm looks slightly off. I think the shape and form is good but you might want to work in a twist in the geometry, when the arm rests in that position the forearm tends to twist. I can post an image to help illustrate what i mean better if im not explaining very well :slight_smile: Other than that minor quibble its looking good. :thumbsup:


Gotta agree, looking pretty sweet so far. Should be sweet once he’s ZBrushed up and textured, looking forward to seeing some updates…


Nice to see U not dead … undead :stuck_out_tongue: Mesh looks ok but the masterpiece U show always on texture, so I’m waiting for them. Hoping U will show us some more skills U gain last times. Maybe more realistic the toon this time, but the choice is like always Yours.

Cheers dude.


Saw this on your pc at work :smiley:

Love that jaw…


authentic, jfalconer, hantomworkshop :

Thx guys :slight_smile:

CG_Gordon :

The forearm is not very good i know but with a normal on top off will be allright , i can always add some cuts after if it’s not acceptable for animation.

Thx for the ref but i already have some books of anatomy :smiley:

Psionic Design, Por@szek :stuck_out_tongue: :

yeah i’m gonna try to texture it more realistically this time unless i have a toon design for this character, could work well i think

mindrot :

eheh i’m doing the same on every PC :twisted: :slight_smile:

the modeling is not finish but i will this week end … and maybe start Zbrushing, hopefully !


Looking really good guillom!!..I dig the footwear now that it’s modelled, he could do with some straps to hold on the shin guards too, unless ya plan on them being NM’s instead?..also the refined straps on the torso work very well too…any chance of a wire too?..Oh btw…I like the topology, and personally I would’nt be too brutal with the optimising, as I like how the silhouette looks and also looks like it would deform well too…but if ya must…ya must :)…keep up the progress man…


Thank you very much Johnwoo for your advices

No i won’t be too brutal with optimising, it’s just some areas that don’t need such a density to work…:slight_smile: as you can see on the wire.

Yeap for the straps i think i will put that in the normal, small details are always hard to project for normal map.

here is the progress …


Sweeet!!..no crits at all…just a couple of questions tho’…

Do ya plan on any hair for him?

I think ya have…but just would like to ask if ya modelled the inside of the mouth aswell?..

Solid work!..:thumbsup:


hehe :slight_smile: i didn’t modelled yet the inside of the mouth, but i will…

I don’t think to put any hair on him ( i’m dealing with hair and alpha every day at work so this time this character 'll be bald :smiley: i’m lazy i know :slight_smile: )


hey Guilliaumalliualleiae :bounce: :slight_smile: I like it (I mean the character ;D) a lot! really really like the shape of the guy and the idea. he doesn’t look to clever, which gives sort of feeling of that wariors (go - and kill!). personally I’d put there some hard edges to give better definition of the shape or tho I believe you are going to do so, aren’t you? :slight_smile:
if you’re going to show half of your skills with character texturing you are showing at work, it’s going to be front-page stuff than :wink:
good luck with it!



I’ve never normal mapped a character before so if you feel like sharing some tips…please do! ;). Keep it up.