Gladiator, Jonas Thornqvist (3D)


amazing character 5 stars


absolutely amazing…definately going into the wallpapers collection. again, great job:thumbsup:


this is absolutly amazing! 10 stars from me. i love everything abou tthis character, especially the area around the eyes and chin!!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

i want zbrush waaahaaa :cry:


some more butt kissing.
hey i totally like this,
wow great texturing and detail in the modeling.
i usually dont post on these winner things. but this one is one of the more original characters in a long while, i didnt read but did you concept this character cause this is great.

maybe some scar tissue on him would have been nice to see. from old battles its had.
awesome work.


You got frontpaged man, congratulations.


Outstanding! I think you have a good shot at getting into the book, just in the nick of time too. :bounce:

Alien gladiator eh… your depiction is any more accurate than what i can think of. Great job.


I saw this and had to say somethin…simply cause I have somethin very similar in the works, but now I have to change it big time =P. But regardless I wanna say im very impressed, the texture details u worked out look incredable. So congrats, I love it, and ill see if I can make mine look as good, yet different, if that makes sense.



Very good work. Great lighting job. :thumbsup:

Could you post something about the lights? Are you use GI?

Remind me the Aaron Sims style :slight_smile:


simply awsome 5 star work! incredible modelling, textures, and imagination! congrats.


:banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: 5* for you !
:beer: :beer:
Sorry, no critiques !


great work Jonas…i’ve been liking your work since i saw one of your very initial zbrush work of a beast with bunny in his hand…its was a treat :slight_smile:

this had come out really well piece too…though i feel the scratches and stretch marks you have painted in your color map, cud’ve been used in bump map too so that scratches look more real. I really like the subtle color varitions you’ve used and that black patch on his forehead…nice. Would love to see your texture flat. Also i guess u’ve used SSS. Cud you share your skin shader setup??

Anyways now you’ve inspired me to work on the textures of my new guy ‘Skullhead’. hehe
Cheers :buttrock:


Beautifull still image you have here. The modeling and texture is top notch, but what really floats my boat is that you managed to give this guy a soul. Cant wait to see the animation!


What I really like is the expression in the face.

Great work!


WOW. I really love this one. Nice job. I especially like the skin around the eyes and the texture of the shoulder.


…wow, really nice work! This model is really full of expressiveness. Wish to see soon a little story with this guy in the animation gallery!!!

Great… keep on!!!


Freakin awesome! :slight_smile: I love the style, the character is so beautiful and portrays such sad emotion. Well done ! :thumbsup: Award time ! :thumbsup:


This is really cool but did it really require 5 apps? Thats my only question. The modeling, lighting and texturing and expression of the eyes are really great.


holy crap…
i’d LOVE to see thing animated!
wow. great job!


great job. excellent materials and render, excellent atmosphere, no but’s about it.

Could we please see a wireframe??

common everyone: WIRE! WIRE! WIRE! WIRE! etc… :smiley:


Simply amazing. 5 stars!