Gladiator, Jonas Thornqvist (3D)


Title: Gladiator
Name: Jonas Thornqvist
Country: Sweden
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop, SOFTIMAGE|XSI, ZBrush

Here is my submission to the Exotique book from Ballistic.
It’s a character Im doing for a longer animation and this is a frame from the longer animation that I just turned into this image.
Model done in XSI and then the some finer details and definition was added in Zbrush.
Textures was made using Zbrush and Photoshop and Final shading and rendering was done in 3dsmax.

/Jonas Thornqvist

>> Hi resolution image <<


I think you will definately get in the book.

Wow. Quite amazing. Great job man.

Quite an expanse of software used.




The lighting and texturing is bloody fantastic!!!

I love his expression too…shying away from the classic “aliens are evil” look.

5 stars.


Excellent! Superb texturing. The modelling is awesome too. The only little thing that bothers me a little is the shape of the torso, like it should have more volume or something, IMHO. The overall image looks great. The ilumation looks really good and the selection of the wide color range is great. Maybe I´d try to desaturate it a little bit.

This could be frontpage, yes sir.
Cheers man.


Amazing texture, I love it 2 thumbs up.


Wow mate, that is truly incredible.

I am extremely interested in how you’re animating the facial features.
Would you be able to post a shot or two of the rigging setup you have in place for them?


Simply awsom work! crafted to perfection, no crits from here.

five stars!


Great work. Love the textures and the ligtning. :thumbsup:


Frontpage stuff!

Will the final animation be available for download?


great colors ! and good emotion in the eyes.



Amazing work man this is really ugly face
great Texture :thumbsup:


front page material *****


indeed. plugged.


Your work is amazing JOnas, congratulations, the skin and the light and colors is great.

i hope make something like this one day




This is a trully amazing work. Congrat.

just one thing, there is a fine white edge, kind of outline around the head on the SR. a bit distracting, otherwise top quality.




capital w, o, w. WOW. this is truly fantastic! i totally love the blue hues in this post. Not to mention the seriousness of his face.

Love it–five stars!

~L :thumbsup:



That’s amazing! Great job!


great modelling and texturing. well done. :twisted:


Absolutley amazing. The realism of the lighting is what makes this work I think. Great concept with the folds, wrinkles, and blemishes. Now, if I can just make it work that good with my stuff. 3 thumbs up lol!


Just saw this over at Zbrushcentral. Absolutely flawless. Love the folds under the arm.