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I´m kind of new to nuke. I downloaded a gizmo and imported it through “file -> import script” and it works well. Now my question is, if someone who hadn´t imported the script, will the gizmo still work for him when he opens it? Do nuke, like, copy the code in the gizmo to its framework, or is it only contained within the file?

Or shortly, are gizmos in general pipeline safe?



Yeah, a gizmo it’s just like a group. When you import it, it stays in the workspace.
However, I have encountered some problems when opening the comp back when the gizmo had some python script inside. It was badly done (by me eheh)


Hehe ok, thanks. So basically, by me re-opening the scene, that would be like someone else opening it on another workstation.


a gizmo must be somewhere where nuke can find it. this can be the folder of the nuke installation, your personal .nuke folder or a folder on a network

a gizmo is always a reference to the file you downloaded
a group is saved within the script

for more infos on gizmos and how to install them check the manual on page 471


You are right, my bad :slight_smile:
Never noticed that!


If your working at a company with a server and would like to distribute all the gizmo to multiple machines without having to install them locally. Then set the env variable “NUKE_PATH” to a common location on the server. Then put all your gizmos in there.


Good tip, thanks.


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