girl with swords (nudity), Kamil mlcak (3D)


Title: girl with swords (nudity)
Name: Kamil mlcak
Country: Czech Republic
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, ZBrush

Hi, here is my latest personal work,
I used zbrush for character model, photoshop for textures and postproduction and 3dsmax for the scene and its rendered with mental ray. I hope you like it, comments are most welcome.

some other images:


Very good job.


Cool, quite striking render… looks 2d in some ways :smiley:


really nice, the model is quite okay. good work


nice work.


Hi, thanks for all your comments, im glad you like it :slight_smile:


Awesome pic man! I like the painterly feel to it, but yet realistic.

To bring out the story more I would have added a few blood marks further down the hall :slight_smile:

Anyway, very good!!

Now I´ll head over and check out your portfolio for more hehe.



The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo meets Kill Bill. I like it. Maybe some grime on the walls behind to enhance the scene.


Completely awsome texturing work man.
Thumbs up!


energise: thanks man and the blood marks is good idea, i will think about it. About my portfolio here on cgs, its little poor and outdated, since its only personal staff and Im slow with work in my spare time lol, so its nothing like yours.

schmeerlap: hehe, there is no chance to do a girl with katana without thinking about Uma Thurman. Yeah it crosed my mind few times lol

Timmer: glad you like the textures, but i just wish i made them more hi-res for bigger render. :slight_smile:


excellent and nice texture … :beer:


nice work, great textures and shaders !
the girl’s face had a lot of sss and i also think that you have too much black around the eyes .
the close up looks much better !


grea work , i love it


Brilliant! I like everything!
But clothes (with dirt) are awesome!
And she has so brutal look (with so brutal shoes :wink: ) and face. I like it, because many other artist try to create pretty face and this is boring me.


Nice work, setting the mood there. Great texturing and modeling of the human anatomy


I love this render. Your style, is similar in some ways to my chosen and carefully thought out style… painterly, almost 2d. Keep up the great work, and I will be watching your art as it progresses!


Love the detail and realism, great work!


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