Girl on a chair, Alexander Tomchuk (3D)


Title: Girl on a chair
Name: Alexander Tomchuk
Country: Ukraine
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

Hi, here is one of my most recent works. As I’m huge fan of black and white photography, I’ve decided to create something in that style. This work has been done a few moth ago, during a testing of a brand new Hair Plug-in soon to be released by Cyber Radiance called Hair Farm.

Also you can see Girl on a chair post processing HD video Here

Thanks for watching!


Wow, this is lovely. I usually find CG humans quite boring, but your render is one of the rare exceptions. I do think her weight distribution looks a little off though - it looks like she’s putting her weight on her elbows instead of her butt, which makes her look a little uncomfortable. However, perhaps this was the intention.

Excellent work, front page for you.


outstanding , very nice rendering , i like it ,from modeling to composition to rendering , 100% perfect , so well done . the anatomy is outstanding too


Wow. Looks like a photo (I know it’s not). The render might be about the hair but the body pose is truely impressive. She actually looks connected to the stool. So many renders don’t compress the buttocks right. The wrinkles on the elbows are perfect too.


Great work , except hairs.
You have to work on hairs i think. If you can’t get good one somehow , better to do it on PS


hi man!
fantastic job! congratulations!
5 stars for me!


simply awesome!!! please share with us wires, and screengrabs

All the best


Great work!
Очень круто! Такая шерстка :applause:


Outstanding. Absolutely amazing! I’m speechless…
There’s quite alot ‘cg-babes’ around here now and then, but this one is true art.

Did you have a photo of the pose for reference? The anatomy is just incredible.


Wow, had I not seen this on this forum, I would have likely thought it was a photo. Really great work :thumbsup:


Wow … great lighting and modeling .
very nice details … hair and fur on body’s character …


Crazy. I’d say it was a photograph if I didn’t know better. I mean, seriously. Can ANYONE in here mention anything that would tell this is a 3D rendering?


Pefect! Nice job! Thats almost a photo!


Very impressive!!! And a great natural pose. By doing this nude in a black and white setting it actually gives the model her humanity.
Excellent work.


such a nice fine ass she has!awesome!


This is Fantastic. The only thing which looks like a 3d model is her hair…

Chapeau bas!!


The hair lets this image down, the individual strands appear too highlighted, too think, too hard and too crisp, not very photorealistic at all.

The rest of the image is really very nice, and quite photrealstic. Its also quite compelling, it makes me wonder why this girl is sitting there like that, but without me thinking that it is somehow ‘wrong’.


Amazing modeling work. That hair plug in looks awesome…! 5*


Excellent work Alexander! The little detailed hairs on her arms and skin fuzz really sell the image. :bowdown:


I kinda hate one-liner posts that have nothing but praise.

So this has two lines :slight_smile: Congratulations, very very nice work!