girl named Monday (nudity until i model clothes for her)


another small update for today (mostly shaders and textures)

NovaKane: thanks, i originally plan on animating her, but as i tweaked her to add more details i got carried away and now she’s a little too heavy for animating lol… i do plan on rigging her for various poses tho :slight_smile:


i’d hit it. :slight_smile:


preliminary work on her hair, just a dirty viewport capture for now, got a long way to go:

i’ve temporarily cropped out the rest of her body so i can use the highest res version of her head/neck/shoulders as a template for the hair curves

echotalon: thanks! i take that as a big compliment heheh :smiley:


It’s a really well modelled mesh. The hair is going to make a great difference.

Can’t wait to see it!


Hey Michelle, this model looks really well done…now that i am, seeing the hair stage, are the strips going to be used to drive the hair curves using Dynamics?


Giom: thanks :slight_smile: hair (and lacrimals) is long overdue!

HaloAnimator: hey if she looks good, it’s because of the great crits i got from you guys to help me fix her up :slight_smile: i looked back at the first page, and she started out quite deformed, didnt she? lol

i’m hoping to use the curves as deformation controls for textured hair strips (for faster renders), tho i’m not sure how i’m going to do that yet. i’m still scratching clueless on how to do the hairstyle correctly.


that’s pretty cool. specially the last few update. she’s getting a lot more real both texture and geometrywise. maybe turn down the specular on the skin a little bit, right now the specular works too much on the neck from the sideview and the end of collar bones from the front view.

really really good wip, keep up the great work

p.s just noticed your chinese/taiwanese name few secs ago


man im loving the hair. it really gave her more character. Keep it up!
i think short hair would also look awesome on her.


another small update on shaders:

i’m trying to finalize her skin tones so i can figure out the hair color to match it (thinking of streaked red)

JackZhang: thanks :slight_smile: i’ve redone her skin shaders with less specular/wetness. i think it’s my specular map that needs more work… as for my name, yep i’m chinese :smiley:

NovaKane: thanks, i’ve been trying out different hairstyles on her and i’m more or less settled on shoulder length, even tho short hair would be easier to rig for poses, i think.

critiques are always welcomed!


Hey deaderthanred you are making great progress on your model and her shader, starting to look real sweet. Dont forget to add a small wet line between her eye and skin, always adds a little more realism. Look forward to seeing your progress especially with hair. I’m not sure if your using MAX for this, but if so HAIRFX is a great little tool for doing real hair :slight_smile:

well done :thumbsup:



Thats one serious looking realistic skin there! Looks good enough to touch!

Pssss. the hair…:wink:


I want to see her with the hair every time I check out your post the work is better and better how do you get that overall glow around her like the backlight is that falloff in the materials or a lighting effect.

looking good please post another update


INFINITE: thanks, i’m flattered to see your post!.. your realism work is among the best i’ve seen anywhere! yes her eyes are still far from finished. i don’t want to add too many things yet, as i’m still going to adjust small things about her head until i’m finally happy with her lol
i’m using Maya, but i don’t really like the look of the paintfx hair so i’m using old fashioned transmapped polys for better control on hairstyle.

Giom: thanks, i’m just very very slow with making decent hair lol

3djohnboy: thanks, for now, her hair is still very far from finished, but here’s a quick render of what i have done so far (no specular/bump/color yet). her skin has SSS, but i’ve also used the light placement to enhance it.

the background is temporary to help me test shadows and also the hair shape.
i’m using 3 spotlights for now: one front-left, another front-right, and another top-down from behind her.

comments and crits always appreciated :slight_smile:


update on hair, with proper textures and shaders now (transmapped polygon strips)
still lots of stuff to tweak. her nose looks funny rendered from the side :surprised


i like her eyes~ good job on that~


Look really nice. The modelling got a lot better than before. :thumbsup:


Sweet model. I also like her nose (it gives her personality).


Yep, the hair transformed her! Interesting style too!

Love the nose!

Love this girl!



great work! I love her eyes (and also her nose), as said above she has personality in her
look :thumbsup:


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