girl named Monday (nudity until i model clothes for her)


latest update (Dec 5th)

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     image is a bunch of WIP bits of my progress so far.. the fullsize image is rather large so i'm using imageshack thumbnail (hope it works correctly)
     head is already uvmapped. gonna map the body later today. the body style i'm aiming for is - "as realistic as possible with as few polys as possible" since i plan to animate her
          all critique (anatomy, edgeloops, proportions, etc) very welcomed:)


Very nice!

No crits, its all pretty neat and tidy.

I’m not 100% on the shape of the back of the skull, but maybe thats my preference and down to what your reference is like.




quick update, whee… i’m experimenting with new UV layout

thanks for the crit on the head, Simon :slight_smile: i will be fixing the concave-ish look at the back of the skull on my next update, it was something i overlooked while doing smoothing for the head lol

btw i’m not using any particular reference for this model (well, maybe the mirror to check edgeflow lol).

i’m more or less going for a generic female as this is more of an edgeloop and anatomy study. i do use photos and muscle drawings but not modelling any person in particular, so all anatomy or proportion critique is much appreciated!


another random update, it’s not much at the moment, just wanted to post something to show i’m still working on her


Very nice. The head is looking perfect now. :smiley:

I’m watching this thread eagerly!


Very nice model and texture, I like it/her! :applause:


Looking great so far! What are you using to model and lay out your UVs? The UVs look fantastic!



Yeah, I would really love to know how you got the UVs to look like that? It may be useful for mapping an entire character on one texture sheet. What is your texture map size? Good stuff


[size=2]your UV’s interest me. can you put a checker map on hear if you get the time. I would like to see how the pixels stretch across the mesh with the way you unwrapped her. Check out my thread and look at my model if you want to see what I am talking about.


Looking good. Can’t wait to see how she turns out.


Nice start and the anatomy is good so far, also interesting uv map, i liked. You pretend to make your character to game or realistic? Keep it up :thumbsup:


wow! i wasn’t expecting many replies lol bounce next update will probably be a few days later as i’m juggling between different tasks at the moment, so i will reply first :slight_smile:

99sproth: thanks for your constant encouragement and support, i really appreciate it!:beer:
Andrea Biffi: thanks! :slight_smile:

: i’m using only Maya for the modelling the UV’ing, there’s a tool in the “Polygons” menu called “Normalize UVs” in the mapper, click the “Camera” tab, and select the faces you want to map, click Apply, do the same by sections, then sew the UVs up :slight_smile: i only use this method for models that i make myself from scratch cos i plan the seams as i model. it’s hard to use this method for mid-res to high-res models

HaloAnimator: the skin texture is currently 2000x2000px, i will down-res or up-res according to what i use the model for later on

: here ya go, checkered just for you :smiley: :

there’s some bad stretching at the back of the head and between the shoulderblades, but it’s hard to eliminate with this UV layout. the one good thing about this layout, is that the model has very few seams and it’s easier for me to texture

alancamara: thanks! i intend to use her for in-game cutscene movie rendering mostly. i’m not good enough to make hyper realistic models yet. btw i took a peek in your latest thread, and your shader system is awesome!! subscribed too :slight_smile:


another random update

got some time to finished the body texture today :slight_smile:
head texture in next update


more random update, set up some shaders too, rendered with two spotlights only


Cool, shes starting to look pretty cute.

Needs more black eyeliner. :wink:



Monday is surely coming along well. :slight_smile: Even with your UV Layout, there is little to no distortion anywhere (none visible anyway). Would you see any distortion if you painted and applied just bump mapping for the skin? I think I should try this layout for all of my characters.:thumbsup:

And the eyes look a little bugged out, like they are going to fall out of her head. Keep it up.


Wow, I like it. It looks very clean.


very cool keep going :thumbsup:


I like the shape of the model, very nice proportions. Keep it up:)


thanks for the comments everyone! :beer: sorry about the really slow updates, but i’ve hardly have much time to do personal work lately, but i will try my very best to finish this girl and my CollabBattle with Art2 :smiley:

HaloAnimator: your critique is most helpful, many thanks! :slight_smile: i have made her new eyes cos her original edgeflow was abit yucky lol i’ve tweaked the proportions of her face too

new maya (mental ray) draft renders:

in case the image shack pic doesnt load properly, direct link is:

all comments and critique are always welcomed and appreciated! :slight_smile:


i like your painting on the model it looks very convincing… the little blemishes and freckles on the chest make it look great… I just dont like the nose (could be a personal thing) it look to round… doesnt have nice creasees definging the curves of the nose… if i can find a pic of burn hogarths ill post it up but its great ref for edge loops and getting these shapes right