Girl in livingroom, ZhiHeng Tang (3D)



comedy gold.

anyway, I think the hair can be improved to make the character even more convincing and did you add you add fringing? not digging it here. It could also use better AA. Very nice work.


very nice render I adore especialy face detail Cool work


nice work good colors. :slight_smile:


First thing I want to say is that I love your work!!! :slight_smile:

The only thing I think is a bit strange is the inner glow of the flowers on the table. Did you use a reference for that? Maybe its just me :wink: but I think there is something wrong.

I agree to find a fitting pose is rather difficult! I am not sure if this character would pose like this grewing up in this surrounding. I suppose this girl is from a higher class otherwise she wouldn’t live there. She’s born with the silver spoon in her mouth. To show her knee for no apparent reason is in my opinion to provocative. But maybe you intended it top be that way.

Enough of my nitpicking!!!

This is a wonderful work of art!


Yes, it’s stunning work, showing great attention to details, bravo !


what a strange modeling without details !!!
i’m not affiliated to anything or anyone, i speak freely…
usually zbrush sculptors use this tool to increase modeling details, i dont see any modeling details, just good textures. nicely done.


Very nice material and character.
how much time render?


I must have misinterpreted your meaning. In particular, your use of the word ‘obsolete’, in this context. If something is obsolete: it means it has effectively been replaced by something new. In effect, this renders your original comment illogical. So I’m sure you can now understand why you recieved some of the responses that you did…


i really agree with you AutodeskLab, i do think the same.


It is nice!


beautiful, just beautiful


Man! So great!


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