Girl in livingroom, ZhiHeng Tang (3D)


Title: Girl in livingroom
Name: ZhiHeng Tang
Country: China
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop, VRay, ZBrush

HI everyone:

this is my lasted work,challenge the level of quality photos, it take along time to find out authentic pose and women body,i really take a long to improved that, i have tried different pose and final set up recently .
the girl is modek in max and zbursh, use the mentalray for rendering, and the Environment is model in max and rendering in vray , thanks for vray, it is very great for environment.
comment are wellcome.

the detail i put on here
Face detail
High model detail

wish you like it
PS Environment the chair and table reuse from free model


Its a beautiful composition. The model and the details just great. love the colors. but i did noticed some strangeness on the models left hand looks kinda strange. anyways Great Render and Awesome detail.


Yeah,I agree about the hand,the finger looks inflated or something like that!Anyway,great work!




Outstanding, this is near perfect and very great attempt at photo realism.


Simply awesome. Congratulations.


Fantastic work, i like the dress and render. very realistic… :beer:


x-lant work
i like it this face & modelling by the body

keep on & good luck


Render is very realistic!


How did you do the hair and eyelashes? I think I saw this on Zbrush central and you’ve really improved it since


Amazing work. Looks incredibly realistic.
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really great work.little concern about the left_hand.but suparb


I think it is the most photorealistic (I mean the mesh) model I have ever seen, just great!


Wow, this is awesome mate, :bowdown:
Keep up the great work.
Love the character, and the lighting and everything else!


nice character however zbrush is obsolete for such modeling.
nice work in textures.


What a strange comment…?? How did you draw that conclusion? Aside from your obvious affiliation.


Nicely done, though I agree that the left hand does look a little off. I’m not sure why the other poster says that about zbrush, but whatever. lol


Are you kidding me??Zbrush?Obsolete?

C´mon Autodesk guy,what you mean??


Incredible work!Great!:bowdown:


thanks for all comment, i update the Environment rendering detail today. hope you like it!