Girl in church, Satoshi Ueda (3D)


Amazing! And the light is so beautiful!


I really love the subtle hair on her breast. They give her some wonderful light effects.

My only critics are the ears. From this point of view the look not very real. Seems that they could use some more modeling. But perhaps it is just the view!

Great, anyway!


pretty impressive! :slight_smile:
very nice modeling and rendering~


Awesome. You captured a great feeling in the scene. Lighting, shading, expression - just amazing. Fantastic use of hair&fur, too! 5 stars.


Awesome…i love the look…very real and lighting too!:beer:


Fantastic!! many compliments!:bowdown:


her skin and face looks almost photorealistic to me

But i think the clothing material needs more work, i am not able to clearly say what kind of
material it should represent - if its should be satin-like i think it needs a harder spec and be more shiny, if its silke-like it needs more translucence and if it should be cotton-like it needs more structure - as it is now it stands out and dosnt seem to fit to the photorealistic face.

Anyway thats the only critique i could think off and maybe its just personal taste - great job :slight_smile:


damn!! great work!! I hope to see more of your work.


Wow. :thumbsup:
Very nice work. Well done.



Really great job :thumbsup:

Nothing to crit, and I love the style ^^

5* from me :slight_smile:


The Girl is beautiful, but that all image is beautiful also. I like it the composition of you.


Defenitly 5*


good job…I like this characer…beautiful:beer:


Just beautiful!!


Thank you for everybody and the impression!

Please wait for wireframe map.


Great work indeed, well done :thumbsup:


Wow! :bounce: fantastic expression, lighting is perfect.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Fantastic men, good work.


great, perfect, wonderful :slight_smile:


Spectacular job on the hair, texturing and material setup. I think the composition could be improved. Congrats on a wonderful piece. :thumbsup: